The 5 Best Types of Wood Pool Decking

wooden pool deck

The 5 Best Types of Wood Pool Decking

Wooden pool decks are a great way to add flair to the pool area in your home. There are many different types of wood you can use depending on your taste or whatever suits the aesthetic look of your home or backyard. Below is a list of the four the most commonly used woods for pool decks.


An inexpensive and common choice for pool decks because of its high availability. If you are on a budget, pine can be the right choice for you but be aware of its tendency to warp and vulnerability to fungal infection and invasion by insects. You can shop around for “treated” pine wood rather than “traditional” pine wood for longer life and less maintenance required. Pine’s biggest strength is that it absorbs less heat in sunny weather and will keep your feet more comfortable and cool when the sun is burning.


Known for its resistance to pests and bad weather conditions, cedar has a long life, is very attractive and easy to install. Like pine wood there are traditional and treated types. Traditional cedar wood is still very resistant to moisture, bad weather, and insects/pests, but treated cedar wood (which is treated with chemicals) will only increase resistance.


A more durable choice for pool decks, because it is resistant to mold, mildew and insects. Teak is also labeled the king of the timber when it comes to being used for decking. The best attributes of teak is that it requires little to no maintenance and has a longer life than most woods, as well as the fact that it does not absorb any water at all. Teak has an attractive and versatile look and will give your pool and its surroundings a very exotic and beautiful sense of style.


For a more elegant and aesthetic look, you can choose mahogany, which is sturdy and can withstand any weather conditions. This, in essence, makes this kind of wood ideal for pool decking. Not only is mahogany wood going to make your home and pool deck look beautiful, it requires little to no maintenance.


Another elegant wood you can use is redwood. It is easy to work with (you’ll save on labor costs) and it is decay and insect resistant so it will last longer than most woods. The red and brown color of Redwood will complement your blue pool and any surrounding green plants very nicely.