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Reclaimed Wood vs. Wood Laminate and Veneer

Reclaimed Wood vs. Wood Laminate and Veneer

In the market for wood? Wood is great for home decor, flooring, furniture projects and much more. What you will find when looking for wood is that there are many options available, so it is important to know the difference among wood types such as reclaimed wood, wood laminate, and wood veneer. Depending on the value you put on things and your budget, we’ve put together the differences among reclaimed wood, wood laminate, and wood veneer to better help with your decision process.

Wood Laminate

Wood laminate is made from synthetic material, which means that it just looks like wood because it was printed to look like wood. Although the real benefit from wood laminate is that it is the most affordable option, it just doesn’t look like the real thing with its shininess and plastic look. It lacks the durability in real wood and also cannot be stained like real wood. Wood laminate is very commonly used today in “hardwood floor” installations.

Wood Veneer

Wood veneer is considered the low-fat version of wood because it is manufactured in thin layers. What’s great about wood veneer is It has the look of full wood and it is affordable due to its thinness. Wood veneer is commonly used for doors, cabinets, floors, and parts of furniture.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is as authentic as wood gets when it comes to being used for furniture and decor. Reclaimed wood gets its name from being claimed from salvaged timber from old barns, factories, and warehouses and being reused for decor, furniture, restaurant table tops, and many more projects. You won’t find reclaimed wood at Home Depot, which is why reclaimed wood has its real value in its authenticity. It also the most durable out of the three woods.

What makes reclaimed wood probably the best wood option out of these three is the fact that as mentioned previously, it’s reused and recycled, therefore a way of promoting sustainability and eco-friendliness in a world that’s becoming a victim to overuse and pollution. If you are interested in reclaimed wood products for your home or restaurant then check out our store (link). We have many great reclaimed wood products that will sure give you the look you want.

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