When you’re designing and decorating your restaurant, you’ll naturally gravitate towards one design style or another. A popular style for restaurants and bars is rustic — it makes guests immediately feel comfortable and gives your restaurant a homey feel. If you’re considering committing to a rustic design for your restaurant, first read up on what exactly that entails and how reclaimed wood can help you on your journey there.

What Are The Principles Of Rustic Design?

To achieve a certain design style, you have to know what you’re aiming for. The philosophy behind rustic design is based on embracing an organic aesthetic. The design should be simple and coarse while bringing comfort and warmth into the room. The elements that build a rustic design all support this goal of ultimate design comfort.

  • Organic Textures: The goal of rustic design is to make it seem as natural as possible. When you take texture inspirations from the natural world, you’re bringing the outdoors in and making your restaurant design organic. Textured rustic table tops are a perfect place to incorporate organic texture into your design. Stone features are also a cornerstone, often seen in exposed walls and fireplaces.
  • Natural Color Palette: The color scheme of rustic design should be inspired by nature. While this includes brown, beige, and cream, it also encompasses shades of blue, green, and red. Any color that is naturally found in the outdoor world is well-suited for a rustic design.
  • Bold Patterns: As rustic designs are based in simplicity, well-placed patterns are used to arouse interest and catch the eye of a viewer. To keep with the rustic aesthetic, patterns that appear handmade or slightly distressed are a popular choice.
  • Focus On Furniture: In order to fit in with the natural theme, rustic furniture is typically made from recycled and reclaimed materials. Objects that would typically go to waste are instead repurposed (such as the estimated 2.7 million tons of wood pallets that were recycled in 2015)! Pieces of furniture made from these natural materials do not have predictable lines or patterns, as you would see in traditional or contemporary furniture, and this raw look best evokes the rustic sense of ease and comfort.

How Can Reclaimed Wood Make Rustic Table Tops?

Getting excited about a rustic design is easy enough, but implementing it requires some thought. One of the best ways to incorporate rustic design is through the final principle of rustic design in the list above: the furniture. The focal point of your restaurant (and where the majority of your customers will get a sense of your restaurant’s style and design) will be the tables and chairs that spread across the dining area.

Make sure you capitalize on this focal point by choosing rustic table tops made of reclaimed wood. The unrefined nature immediately gives off an authentic feeling of comfort. You can use nearly any type of wood for your rustic table tops, but they all have different appeals.

  • Pine: This is a classic choice for furniture across many design styles. Pine is more close-grained and even, classifying it as a softwood. It is more prone to nicks and scratches, but it takes paint and stain well. If you think that you would want to put color on your table tops, pine is a great option.
  • Hardwoods: While hardwoods are often used in furniture and flooring, it can often come with a heftier price tag when compared with their softwood counterparts. Hardwoods are often slower growing and of higher density, and can come from several different trees, such as mahogany and beech.
  • Fir: This wood is found all across North America, often growing in mountainous regions. With its strength and beautiful coloring, fir is a natural choice for reclaimed wood table tops.

Why Can My Restaurant Benefit From A Rustic Design?

When you want your restaurant to feel like home to your customers, you need to go rustic. The warmth and comfort offered by a rustic design immediately welcomes guests into your space and will encourage them to come back. Families especially will love the homey, safe feel that comes with a rustic design. When a restaurant feels too harsh or formal, many guests feel as if they do not fit in. As they become more uncomfortable, they won’t want to come back or bring their loved ones to the restaurant.

Good first impressions are essential for a restaurant’s success, and a rustic design certainly impresses. Using reclaimed wood shows that your restaurant cares about the environment and sustainability efforts. When you incorporate handmade features and accessories in to the design, it shows that your restaurant cares about the details and the value of one person’s work. These sensibilities appeal to a large number of people, from families to environmental enthusiasts, to young couples. By committing to a rustic design, your restaurant will speak to many different groups of people and bring in a crowd who wants to keep coming back.

The essence of a rustic design comes from the proper execution of the details. When you use reclaimed wood for your table tops, you are claiming the rustic style as your own. The beautiful appearance of the wood and the obvious effort towards sustainability is sure to make a positive impression on anyone who comes through the doors of your restaurant.

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