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Should I Use Reclaimed Wood From Barns and Buildings?

Should I Use Reclaimed Wood From Barns and Buildings?

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Today, we all do some form of recycling, whether bottles, cans or paper. We also have found ways to not be wasteful in our daily lives. For example, going to the grocery store with our own bags to avoid using paper and plastic bags. Or, purchasing compostable sandwich bags, so we can actually toss them in a compost bin instead of using and throwing away plastic.

When it comes to do-it-yourself projects there are always ways to be resourceful. For example, living in a big city, you can sometimes find an old building being torn down, which can possibly have some wood that can be used rather than thrown away. Or if you live in a smaller town or city there can possibly an old barn that has old wood lying around that they probably don’t need anymore or is property of no one, in the case of an abandoned barn.

These aren’t the only ways of finding reclaimed wood, you can also go to junkyards.

According to the Building Materials Reuse Association there are more than 55 million tons of wood waste a year.

Using reclaimed wood is not only about being resourceful, but it can also be about the character it has. Each old board of wood tells a story. Like any of the pieces people got from the Berlin Wall being torn down or something more recent like the San Francisco 49ers’ old stadium Candlestick Park being demolished. Reclaimed wood, when reused, will have a piece of history such as times when barns were more common and a big part of the American countryside or buildings that were around for decades.

Reclaimed wood also helps avoid deforestation which is a big problem in our country right now. We are literally running out of forests to destroy. It also helps decrease the amount of wood waste going to landfills and reduces carbon footprint emissions.

So the answer to the question is yes. If you see old wood lying around somewhere, grasp the opportunity and indulge in a project. The sense of satisfaction you will feel is rewarding. Not to mention you will get a unique decor in your home or restaurant.

It isn’t always necessary to build your own reclaimed wood projects. If you are compelled to support the cause here is a link to the great selection of quality reclaimed wood furniture and supplies we sell.

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