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Ways To Build With Reclaimed Wood

Ways To Build With Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is a great alternative to buying new. Not only because it’s environmentally friendly but honestly reclaimed wood can be made into stunning pieces.

Finding reclaimed wood may seem tough, but it’s all about knowing where to look. Start by looking online on Craigslist as well as your local newspaper. Explore flea markets, garage sales, old buildings and junk yards. You’ll find there will be many sources of reclaimed wood, so don’t be afraid to be picky. Preferably, opt for reclaimed wood that’s weathered and knotted to get a vintage look.

Here are ways to build with reclaimed wood.

Garden Table

If you stumble upon a old piece of wood furniture such as a table, grab it and make it a garden table. Plants and wood never go out of style. Take a look at these nice table tops made from reclaimed wood.


With wood planks you can make a good looking bookcase, as it a simple project to make and will definitely give a unique look to your decor.


You can make an awesome looking headboard for your bed with reclaimed wood by using similar lengths and widths and framing it at the top of your bed. Finish it with sealant for protection.


Forget boxes that won’t last long. Build some great looking crates with reclaimed wood you find. You can also nail crates together for added strength. The best part is you can use these for storage or your garden!


Think hardwood floor but made out of unique reclaimed wood.


You can also install a ceiling made out of reclaimed wood if you please. This project will most likely require a professional though. Whether it’s a ceiling or reclaimed wood siding, there isn’t much difference and we now carry it.

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