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Serve your guests with style everyday. Butcher block table tops fit right in with any restaurant plan as they offer both long-lasting utility and timeless natural beauty. These high-quality tables add an element of woodsy warmth and comfort to your dining room furniture ensemble.

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Origin of Butcher Blocks

Butcher block design is an invention of the food production industry. Originating from the commercial meat operations of over 125 years ago, butchers needed a solid surface that would withstand the blunt blows and chopping from industrial instruments like meat cleavers. 

What was made for the kitchen made its way to the dining room with butcher block table tops. Modern furniture styles borrowed from this century-old practice for its durability and more dimensional aesthetic.

Traditional table tops are typically made with wide planks of wood, but a butcher block style uses multiple long strips (no more than 1.5 inches wide) that run tightly parallel to one another and are secured by glue.   These deeply cut but narrow wood strips come together as one to fortify the superb integrity of the butcher block table top. 

The butcher block design allows the builder to assemble the tabletop from the very finest cuts of wood from the lumber yard. Being able to arrange pieces of wood with varying grain patterns gives each table top a character all its own. 

With butcher block tables, strong and beautiful edge or end grain pieces are hand-picked, carefully selected, and placed together so the best features of natural wood grain are exhibited. This process creates a rich patchwork of the unique and rustic character of intricate wood patterns and may show a patina enhancement as it ages.


Butcher Block Materials

Butcher block products are usually constructed from edge grain and end grain pieces.

  • Edge grain: Lumber pieces are made from timber that is cut horizontally across the wood. Chopping boards, kitchen islands, etc. are usually made from this type of cut.
  • End grain: Lumber comes from a section of the timber that is cut vertically down the trunk. This cut is more appropriate for the construction of products that are larger, like a table top.

Once the pieces are permanently affixed together to form a single unit, it is sanded down multiple times and the edges rounded off. This creates a very sturdy surface that will stand up to heavy use. The entire wood piece is then treated with several applications of oil. The oil both protects the wood and enhances its natural beauty. Some choose to treat the wood with wax as a protectant.

Natural wood tables are of a soft material that is easy on glassware and dishes. Unlike faux laminate wood tables, Restaurant and Cafe Supplies utilizes solid wood tables, which are repairable and last longer. Scuffs and scratches can be sanded down and retreated with oil conditioners. 

With antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, natural wood is suitable for food and beverage service. When properly maintained, this construction lasts over 20 years.


The Restaurant & Cafe Supplies Online Collection

At Restaurant Cafe & Supplies Online we appreciate the rustic elegance and natural look of real wood. Select the wood that suits your dining hospitality style from our assortment of quality wood table tops including pine, oak, walnut or beechwood. 

For rustic, country (or “farmhouse), cottage style, or tavern themes, the butcher block table top is a perfect complement. These styles are about creating an at-home atmosphere. A dining room full of solid wood tables sets a foundation for a cozy environment while at the same time the neutral browns blend with other decor elements. Butcher block tables add even more depth of character with its variegated hues and hearty mix of grain textures. 

If you love the look of butcher block wood tables but are going for more classic or modern styles, no worries. We suggest either the dark and rich walnut or the light and neutral beechwood shades. 

We offer a range of butcher block table top finishes so you can select a set of tables that best compliments your decor. Because our tables are made from real solid wood, they are built to last. Fast shipping on our orders means you’ll be seating your guests at beautiful new tables in no time!