Solid Walnut Table Tops

Our new wood table tops offer a fresh and vibrant look for your dining room or business. We offer wood table tops in several different wood types, sizes, shapes and thicknesses.

Our wood table tops are of the highest quality and they are affordable. Restaurant & Cafe Supplies is dedicated to fulfilling your table top needs. If custom-made table tops are what you’re seeking, we can make that happen.

Our solid pine table tops, made from furniture-grade pine, are commonly used in restaurants because of their attractive, lush look. Not only can they be used as table tops, but also as baking and pizza boards for any restaurant. Solid pine table tops are finished with several applications of vegetable oil to give them their rich look. They are available in a natural finish and a carbonized finish.

Our solid walnut table top is a beautiful table top with a varying grain pattern and rich color. It is the perfect table top option if you are looking for elegant decor for your restaurant or cafe. It is available in butcher block style.

If a natural look is what you are interested in, then the oak table top might be the right choice for you. Our solid oak table top is an American-made table top perfect for any restaurant, cafe, bar, or bistro. It is available in butcher block style.

Another butcher block style table top we offer is the solid beech table top. It is natural, beautiful and the most crisp out of all our table tops. Beech wood is smooth gray, pale, and fine-grained timber. This table top will go well with any restaurant, cafe, or dining room that needs a touch of elegance.