Reclaimed Wood Table Tops

At Restaurant & Cafe Supplies we take pride in all our products made with reclaimed wood, which are both an environmentally and economically-friendly option. Our reclaimed wood table tops are built to the size and shape that you need using wood salvaged from area buildings. A reclaimed wood table top is sure to add character to your dining room without breaking the bank.

Reclaimed wood is also used to make floors, staircases, pool decks, walls and many other things. It makes any environment look stunning. The benefits of using reclaimed wood table tops are not only that you are making your business look unique, but you’re also promoting recycling. Reclaimed wood also offers your guests a chance to learn the history of the wood. For more on the history of reclaimed wood, read our blog post The History of Reclaimed Wood.

Choose from straight plank reclaimed wood table tops or round reclaimed wood table tops. For smaller restaurants or bars, round table tops are perfect to maximize space and comfort of guests. Rectangular table tops like our straight plank table tops are ideal for larger restaurants or bars, as they can seat large groups of guests.

Straight plank table tops are available in import and American-made and are ideal for a more natural look. Round reclaimed wood table tops are available with a metal edge strapping or with a water-based urethane Matte finish. Patterned table tops are available in patchwork, herringbone and parquet, if you’re looking for a more exotic look. Patchwork and herringbone table tops are available in regular finish and unfinished versions.

For information on maintenance and repair of our reclaimed wood tabletops, please click here.

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