Protective Table Covers


There are plenty of reasons to add a protective table cover to protect your tables. Not only does it make the tables easier to clean, but they also protect from those dings, scrapes and scratches that slowly build up over time.

Keep your tables fresh and neat with these clear PVC protective table covers! These thin plastic coverings have a slight texture to give them a matte-type finish. Now, we know you bought your tables with the decor and ambience they provide to your restaurant. These covers are perfect to protect those good-looking table tops while also allowing the style and design of the tables to be easily seen without any distortion through the clear plastic.

These table covers are also easy to remove and clean with simple soap and water, and are an inexpensive way to extend the life of your tables.

There are 4 sizes available, but if you need a custom size these protective table covers can be easily cut down to the right dimensions using a simple utility knife.

Protect your tables while preserving their unique look with these quality table covers!

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