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Three Patterns of Our Reclaimed Wood Tabletops

Three Patterns of Our Reclaimed Wood Tabletops

Our reclaimed wood tabletops come in different patterns depending on your taste and needs. Each pattern has its own history and is made differently. Today, these patterns are used in things we see everyday.

Learn more about our reclaimed wood tabletop patterns below.

Patchwork Pattern

The patchwork pattern goes back to five millenniums ago in things such as Egyptian tombs and Chinese fabrics. Over time it began being use in quilts and brought to America by the Pilgrims. Our reclaimed wood patchwork pattern tabletops made out of Douglas fir and cabinet-grade plywood. The pattern comes in the form of different looking rectangle pieces of wood, similar to what you will see in patchwork patterned quilts.

Parquet Pattern

The parquet pattern is an inexpensive option when it comes to reclaimed wood table tops because of its simplicity. The patterns are geometrical and angular and are form by shapes such as squares, triangles, and lozenges. It comes from French culture, dating back to 1684 and was commonly use for marble flooring patterns. Many hardwood floors today use the parquet pattern. Our reclaimed wood parquet pattern table tops made from mix-width spruce, pine and fir, with cabinet-grade plywood backing.

Herringbone Pattern

The herringbone pattern comes from its resemblance to the bones of a herring and it consider a parquet pattern. There are three different types of herringbone patterns form by either rectangles or parallelograms. Our tabletops use the parallelogram distort pattern which is commonly use for wood, brick and tiles. Aside from tabletops, the herringbone pattern is use on other common items such as wallpaper, clothing, jewelry and mosaics.

Reclaimed wood tabletops are an art that you will learn to love. If you have interest in spicing up your decor with reclaimed wood tabletops for your home or business, check out our selection.