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You can see closeout pricing for DISCONTINUED items on the various product pages but the inventory list of what is available is shown below. Once gone that’s it!!!

DISCONTINUED – We try to sell only the most relevant items but tastes change and we are sometimes stuck with more inventory than the market demands. It’s not common as we try to do a good job of limiting our exposure but, when this DOES happen, we sell the items at a discount (often less than our cost) to make room for the more popular items.


2″ thick White Oak Tabletops with breadboard ends… We made them and they are beautiful… HOWEVER, the cost was way over what our goal was and we cannot make and sell them profitably so we are selling for our cost. Quantities and pricing below… ONLY SOLD in BOXES of 2 – NO Singles. Email us if interested:

White Oak Table with Breadboard Ends

White Oak Table with Breadboard Ends

(12 PCS) 24 x 24 = $93.26 each

(8 PCS) 24 x 30 = $113.01 each

(10 PCS) 30 x 30 = $136.44 each

(12 PCS) 30 x 48 = $198.73 each

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Damaged Items

DAMAGE – No matter how well we pack them, some items are damaged by the shipping company and cannot be sold as new (scratched paint, dings, etc.). If you are handy, you can fix them and save a bundle (50% off our already low standard prices). Images below are actual images of items from our damage warehouse but not necessarily the exact item you will receive. These are only examples and show some of the worst damage and some of the least damage. It will be somewhere within that array.

If you want to buy any of these and save big money, please place an order for the standard item on the appropriate page and mention in the order comments section which items you want from the damaged/imperfections inventory. Your price at check out will show the regular price but your actual invoice for payment (we send separately) will reflect the 50% discounted price. Email us if you have any questions.

All sales of Damaged or Discontinued items are final – No exceptions.