Reclaimed Wood Table Tops

At Restaurant & Cafe Supplies we take pride in all our products made with reclaimed wood, which are both an environmentally and economically-friendly option.

Reclaimed wood table tops are sure to add character to your dining room without breaking the bank. Our table tops are built to the size and shape that you need using reclaimed wood salvaged from area buildings.

Our wood table top makes any environment look stunning. The benefits of using reclaimed table tops are not only that you are making your business, home, or restaurant look unique, but you’re also promoting recycling.

Choose from straight plank or round reclaimed wood table tops. For smaller restaurants or bars, round reclaimed table tops are perfect for maximizing the space and comfort of guests. Rectangular table tops like our straight plank are ideal for larger restaurants, stores, dining areas, or bars, as they can seat large groups of guests.

Straight plank table tops are ideal for a more natural look. Round table tops with a metal edge strapping and all of our reclaimed tops come with a water-based urethane Matte finish.

When you order from, you will experience a shorter turnaround, faster delivery, a higher-quality product, and an unbeatable price.

If you have any questions about our tabletops, would like to check the status of your order, or need assistance placing an order, don’t hesitate to call our toll-free line, (844) CAFE-322 Ext. 1. You can also request assistance from our contact us page.


Reclaimed wood vs. New wood comparison.

Attaching the tabletop to a table base

A Tree Can Live Forever