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Reclaimed Wood Addition Ideas For Your Restaurant or Bar

Reclaimed Wood Serving Tray DIY
Are you interested in reclaimed wood decor to make your restaurant or bar more attractive? Reclaimed wood is not only very durable, but it also has patterns and looks you won’t find in any furniture or decor. From tables, chairs, furniture, and accessories, reclaimed wood is a great way to get creative and add more style to your restaurant or bar. Here are a few reclaimed wood addition ideas that are simple to make and are sure to impress.
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Why You Should Consider Reclaimed Wood Tabletops For Your Restaurant

Reclaimed Wood Tabletop
Instead of spending thousands on new table tops for your restaurant, have you thought about looking into reclaimed wood table tops? If you haven’t heard already, over the past years reclaimed wood has become a popular option among restaurant owners for financial, decor and environmental reasons. In other words, with reclaimed wood you can get more bang for your buck while making your restaurant look great and helping the environment.
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How Durable Is Reclaimed Wood?

reclaimed wood durability
It is okay to be skeptical about reclaimed wood. After all, you are buying a second-hand product that has been around for maybe more than 50 to 100 years. Although reclaimed wood is in essence “old,” it can actually be more durable than newer wood products. The reason for this comes down to the rise in supply and demand in our economic history.
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Should I Use Reclaimed Wood From Barns and Buildings?

reclaimed wood barn
Today, we all do some form of recycling, whether bottles, cans or paper. We also have found ways to not be wasteful in our daily lives. For example, going to the grocery store with our own bags to avoid using paper and plastic bags. Or, purchasing compostable sandwich bags, so we can actually toss them in a compost bin instead of using and throwing away plastic.
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Tools You Need To Work With Reclaimed Wood

Tools You Need For Reclaimed Wood Projects
Reclaimed wood projects are a lot of fun and worth the work you put into them. One of the best things about reclaimed wood is that it’s very durable, so it can last you a very long time and withstand tough weather conditions. Although it’s awesome that reclaimed wood is very durable, this fact can make it very hard to work on and necessary to have certain tools meant for reclaimed wood work.
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How To Waterproof Reclaimed Wood Furniture

How To Waterproof Reclaimed Wood
Did you build reclaimed wood furniture for your bar or restaurant and plan to use it for the outdoors? The good thing about reclaimed wood is that it is highly durable but you can still take a few steps to get the most out of its durability when weather conditions such as rain present themselves.
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Optimize Your Restaurant Decor With Reclaimed Wood

reclaimed wood for restaurant decor
Have you ever gone into a restaurant and sat on chairs made out of tires and a table made of reclaimed wood? Believe it or not, these type of items in a restaurant are a significant reason why people will keep on visiting. Restaurant competition relies heavily on decor and a visually aesthetic setting. Reclaimed wood products such as tabletops are a great way to spice of your restaurant decor.
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Reclaimed Wood Furniture vs. Antique Furniture

reclaimed wood vs. antique furniture
In the market for unique furniture? A lot of modern furniture can be unauthentic and have no character. Which is the reason why people would rather spend their money on reclaimed wood furniture or antique furniture. Both are great options because they are environmentally friendly since they are not being fed to landfills.
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Reclaimed Wood vs. Wood Laminate and Veneer

Difference between Reclaimed Wood, Wood Veneer, Wood Laminate
In the market for wood? Wood is great for home decor, flooring, furniture projects and much more. What you will find when looking for wood is that there are many options available, so it is important to know the difference among wood types such as reclaimed wood, wood laminate, and wood veneer. Depending on the value you put on things and your budget, we’ve put together the differences among reclaimed wood, wood laminate, and wood veneer to better help with your decision process.
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Types of Wood Finishes

Type of Wood Finishes
Wood finishes are commonly used in reclaimed wood furniture manufacturing to enhance appearance, keep the wood clean, make it look more expensive than it is, and increase resistance to moisture and other types of environments. Below are the many type of wood finishes used today.
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