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How To Make Wood Furniture

Five Best YouTube Channels to Learn How To Make Furniture Out of Wood

Making furniture out of wood is cooler now than ever before. It is the wood texture and patterns that give furniture in the ambiance of your home a completely different look that most people aren’t accustomed to. With the rise in making furniture out of wood, there is also a spike in the readily available resources and tools to help you with the subject, like dedicated YouTube channels.
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Favorite Bar Drinks - Whiskey Sour

What’s In Your Favorite Drinks?

People sometimes order drinks without having any clue what is in them. Whether it is a recommendation or you are getting the same thing as a friend, a drink order can be an impulse decision. Here are some of the most popular drinks and what they’re made of.
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Providing good customer service at restaurant

3 Ways To Incentivize Better Customer Service at your Restaurant

Do you know a restaurant where you love their products, but hate their customer service? Is their bad customer service one of the reasons you don’t go very often or just avoid the place completely? These restaurants are usually suffering from bad management or aren’t pushing and incentivizing their employees to smile and make every customer’s experience pleasant. When running a restaurant you should be concerned about the operation as a whole and that includes product and service.
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5 Bar Ideas For More Business

Do you feel like your bar is on a decline? Do you want to attract more business to your bar, especially on slow nights? Running a bar is no simple task, from deciding things such as what type of products are more profitable, how many employees to schedule on the weekend, and making sure everything is up to health code, there is a lot to do.
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how bars and restaurants should use instagram

How Bars and Restaurants Should Use Instagram To Attract More Customers

Using social media to promote your bar or restaurant can be daunting at first, especially with Instagram, where you solely post pictures. It could be as easy as taking pictures of food and drinks, but to compete with competitors using social media in creative ways is a must in order to engage and grow your audience. Here are a few ways bars and restaurants should use instagram to promote themselves.
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How to clean reclaimed wood

How To Clean Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood has many great uses. However, reclaimed wood can gather a lot of dirt and dust before it becomes reclaimed. When it comes to cleaning and washing reclaimed wood, things can certainly get complicated, whether it is about what product to use or how to do it without inflicting any damage.
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reclaimed wood ornaments

Six Reclaimed Wood Gift Ideas

There is nothing better than a bit of creativity when it comes to gift giving. Electronics are always favorites when it comes to gifts, but putting some actual thought into gifts that are unique like a gift made out of reclaimed will go a long way. The fact that some of these gifts take a bit of work and creativity will definitely make them gifts that your friends or family will remember.
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bar stool

How To Choose The Best Bar Stool For Your Restaurant or Bar

It is important you select the right bar stool for your cafe or restaurant whether you are into design or not. Customers notice these kinds of things because it is all about how comfortable they are when they visit a cafe or restaurant. That doesn’t just pertain to customer service and the product.
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things you restaurant or cafe business should be doing

Things Every Restaurant or Cafe Should Be Doing

The keys to the success of a restaurant or cafe may seem like it’s all about providing good food and service, but there is always more that should be getting done to get your restaurant or cafe at the top of everyone’s personal favorite list.
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modern classic wood restaurant

Restaurant Design Tips For Modern Classic-Inspired Look

The restaurant business has always been competitive. Besides serving good food and customer service, good design can also help your restaurant stand out. A classic but modern look will get customers to visit a place just for its decor and ambiance. Having both a good looking restaurant and great food give your restaurant an edge over a lot of competitors.
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