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How Reclaimed Wood Helps Forests

Reclaimed Wood Use Helps Forests
Kids are told not to waste paper because paper is made from trees. That depletes our forests. Overusing paper isn’t the only problem, but also the manufacturing of new furniture. The use of too much paper is finally decreasing thanks to awareness, but also the rising use of computers in our daily lives. With furniture that is not the case.
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How Reclaimed Wood Table Tops Are Made

Reclaimed Wood Table Tops
Reclaimed wood table tops make great dining room and restaurant tables. They are built to last and look beautiful and authentic. The process of making reclaimed wood table tops is tough, but the end result makes it worth it. Here’s what you need to know.
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How To Build A Desk From Reclaimed Wood

build Reclaimed wood desk
Need a desk for your work at home but don’t have the money to buy one? This is an active problem for those who want to work from home or desire to have a workspace at home.
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Innovative Ice Cube Shapes: 10 Bars That Are Elevating the Everyday Cocktail

Ice has become a hot topic as of late. Should we serve spheres or cubes? Artisanal or just plain old in-house? For every bar, there’s a different answer to these questions and plenty of enthusiasm to back it up. Some bartenders insist that rare, Japanese whiskey is best tasted when served on top of a frozen sphere of ice. Others shrug and use white, bubble-filled cubes out of a standard ice cube tray.
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Hottest Restaurant Trends for 2017

Hottest Restaurant Trends
Foodies and the dedicated service workers who keep them fed are always on the lookout for the hottest new restaurant trend, and 2017 is shaping up to be an innovative year. Once you get through the Christmas rush, you may want to start experimenting with your menu and look to some other masters of the kitchen for a fresh approach.
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How To Make Wood Furniture

Five Best YouTube Channels to Learn How To Make Furniture Out of Wood

Making furniture out of wood is cooler now than ever before. It is the wood texture and patterns that give furniture in the ambiance of your home a completely different look that most people aren’t accustomed to. With the rise in making furniture out of wood, there is also a spike in the readily available resources and tools to help you with the subject, like dedicated YouTube channels.
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Favorite Bar Drinks - Whiskey Sour

What’s In Your Favorite Drinks?

People sometimes order drinks without having any clue what is in them. Whether it is a recommendation or you are getting the same thing as a friend, a drink order can be an impulse decision. Here are some of the most popular drinks and what they’re made of.
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Providing good customer service at restaurant

3 Ways To Incentivize Better Customer Service at your Restaurant

Do you know a restaurant where you love their products, but hate their customer service? Is their bad customer service one of the reasons you don’t go very often or just avoid the place completely? These restaurants are usually suffering from bad management or aren’t pushing and incentivizing their employees to smile and make every customer’s experience pleasant. When running a restaurant you should be concerned about the operation as a whole and that includes product and service.
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5 Bar Ideas For More Business

Do you feel like your bar is on a decline? Do you want to attract more business to your bar, especially on slow nights? Running a bar is no simple task, from deciding things such as what type of products are more profitable, how many employees to schedule on the weekend, and making sure everything is up to health code, there is a lot to do.
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how bars and restaurants should use instagram

How Bars and Restaurants Should Use Instagram To Attract More Customers

Using social media to promote your bar or restaurant can be daunting at first, especially with Instagram, where you solely post pictures. It could be as easy as taking pictures of food and drinks, but to compete with competitors using social media in creative ways is a must in order to engage and grow your audience. Here are a few ways bars and restaurants should use instagram to promote themselves.
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