Answers to Frequently Asked Questions - Part 1

Answers to Frequently asked Questions - Part 2

Frequently Asked Questions:

Wondering if a reclaimed wood tabletop is right for you and your restaurant? Check out our answers to some of the top frequently asked questions we receive about our reclaimed wood table tops to see if they’d be a good fit in your restaurant.

What is Reclaimed Wood?

Reclaimed wood is wood that has been salvaged and repurposed for a new use, such as in reclaimed wood restaurant tables, chairs, decor, and other products. This wood is properly processed, removing nails, running it through an industrial microwave to kill any pests, kiln-dried to an even moisture content and milled to uniform sizes before being put to use in new products, making it perfect to use in items for your home or restaurant. Using reclaimed wood helps keep salvageable wood out of landfills; wood makes up roughly 20% to 30% of construction and demolition waste.

How is Reclaimed Wood Sourced for Restaurant Tables and Other Products?

Reclaimed wood, generally speaking, is salvaged from old buildings that are taken apart, giving perfectly good wood a second life. This material is typically of much higher quality than new wood because it was originally cut from old-growth forests, creating a much denser and stronger product than newer woodcut from newer sources. It also carries a much more beautiful patina than  new wood.

How Do I Maintain My Reclaimed Wood Restaurant Tables?

Our reclaimed wood table tops are fairly durable, but there are a few ways to make them last even longer with minimal damage. Using coasters and placemats on reclaimed wood table tops can help avoid staining and marking. Additionally, avoid placing hot items directly onto the surface of your reclaimed wood restaurant tables to avoid damaging or marking the wood.

Clean your tops with warm water and a mild detergent, such as Dawn(™) and wipe off with a dry cloth immediately. Stay away from chemical cleaners, including sanitizers, as they can eat through the finish leaving it sticky or flaky.

How Do I Maintain My Galvanized Metal Table Tops?

Galvanized metal table tops tend to be very good at resisting daily wear and tear, as well as rust. However, acids from tomato or other fruit juices can cause the surface to patina into a darker color. This actually adds to the character of the top and is not consider a design flaw.

What Types of Wood are Use for RCG Reclaimed Wood Table Tops?

Because reclaimed wood comes from a variety of sources, each of our reclaimed wood restaurant tables has a slightly different makeup. Our reclaimed wood table tops feature a mixture of reclaimed spruce, pine, fir, etc. Each table features a unique mix of wood, so each table will be unique.

What Restaurant Styles are Reclaim Wood Tables Best For?

Reclaimed wood tables can be a unique addition to a wide variety of restaurant settings. However, if you’re going for a rustic look for your restaurant, reclaimed table tops are perfect for you. They’ll also look great in more modern, hip settings as well, and can bring a rustic-chic look to many different spaces.

What is the Difference Between “Straight Plank” and “Straight Plank Economy”?

The difference between our “straight plank” and “straight plank economy” table tops is in the design. Both are made from the same material and have the same finish but the economy tops will have a mix of widths, whereas the straight plank tops have 5” wide planks for a more uniform look along with a decorative reclaimed wood edge banding. Both are design for indoor use only.

Why are Our Tops Typically 1/2 to 1/3rd of the Price of Other Suppliers?

Our product is a great value because we make them in quantities of 50 to 100 per size and style at a time, allowing us an economy of scale that nobody else can match. This means a more affordable product for you that meets and exceeds your quality standards.

Are the Tables Completely Smooth? Can They Be Used to Write On?

Our tables are coated with a water-based urethane matte finish, making them  smooth to the touch. However, each table is going to have a slight texture variation due to the nature of reclaimed wood, making each one slightly different. This is part of the beauty of reclaimed wood. However, because of this, we suggest using a writing pad instead of writing directly on the surface.

Still looking for answers regarding your reclaimed wood table tops and rustic decor? Contact us for more information and frequently asked questions on your reclaimed wood restaurant needs today.