While we do our best to offer timeless products that will be as popular today as they were 10 or 20 years ago, sometimes we develop products that just run their course. Maybe we couldn’t produce them at the price we had hoped or they were popular, hit a peak and the demand just fizzled out. Maybe we’ll bring some of them back one day. Maybe they will stay here. Just thought it would be fun to share.

Bigfoot Says Goodbye

Patterned Reclaimed Wood Tabletops

Patchwork Tabletops - Reclaimed Douglas Fir

Our Patchwork, Herringbone and Parquet Pattern Reclaimed Wood Tabletops were popular for a while but we realized that the market for a CLASSIC RECLAIMED WOOD TOP is really better geared toward a simple design.

Reclaimed Wood Partitions

Reclaimed Wood Partition with Casters

These were big sellers during COVID (remember that?). However, the desire for people to reconnect and not be separated brought their popularity down so we dropped them from the line.

X-6 Bench Legs

X-6 Bench Leg

These were bench legs. There was nothing wrong with them. They were really nice and, frankly, at a good price. The problem we had, again, is people couldn’t decide on this one or the simpler X-2 base. Although these sold well, we decided it was much easier for our customers to offer the simpler design… no complaints yet.

Cantina (Tolix) Chiars

Cantina Chair

We sold a TON of these in standard and Bar Height – Black and Clear Coated Steel. There are some other really large companies that sold 100 times what we sold and we didn’t have the buying power to get better pricing so we had to discontinue them. We MAY bring them back if we can get them at a price that makes sense for our custromers.

Reclaimed Douglas Fir Chairs

Reclaimed Douglas Fir Chair

These were very nice and an absolute hit. However, being bulky and heavy, it really limited the customer base to locals who could come and pick it up so we discontinued it for that reason.

Industrial Shelving Bracket

Industrial Shelving Brackets

Again, these were VERY popular. In fact, we still use them in our showroom to mount shelves in the bar area. However, we had to make them by the hundreds to get the pricing where we needed and, they sold 1-2 sets at a time, rather than like 40 tabletops in an order so they just had a long turnover rate so we discontinued them. Had people asking us about them for years but, although everyone loved them, they just aren’t a high-volume item so we had to discontinue them.

Reclaimed Wood Tongue and Groove Flooring

We sold a LOT of this. And we I say a LOT, I mean a LOT. Hundreds of thousands of SFT over the years. The problem with this product is that it requires a skilled installer to install it properly. Those installers have become harder to find. Today’s flooring is basically a click to install and doesn’t require any special skills. When we started selling this in the beginning of the 200’s, we had several installers that could do the job in a week or 2. Demand meant installers needed 4 weeks, then 8 weeks, etc. It just became too much to deal with  and we were a victim of our own success. It sold for $3/SFT and, because of demand, not only did you have to wait months, installers were charging $20-30/SFT to install. I believe others currently sell this a installed prices near $40-60. Not our market.

Telescoping Boxes

Reclaimed Wood Telescoping Boxes

Our Reclaimed Wood Telescoping Boxes were very nice but also very time-intensive to make and bulky to ship. In the long-run, we weren’t able to get our costs down to where we wanted them to be and had to discontinue these beauties.

Printed Metal Tabletops

Printed Metal Signs

As we learned with  the Patterned Reclaimed Wood Tabletops, there IS a market for these specialty items but it is smaller than we had hoped and we sold these as closeouts. People who bought them generally loved them but simple White colors have a much bigger customer base.

We may still have a few of these available. Email us to find out…

White Oak Tabletops with Breadboard Ends

White Oak Table with Breadboard Ends

We can say, without hesitation, that these are some of the nicest tables we ever made. Problem is, we were unable to get the pricing down to where it made sense. We like to be the best quality and price for the items we make. It just wasn’t possible to get our costs down on these so we had to discontinue them…

We may still have a few of these available. Email us to find out…

Oak Butcher Block Tabletops

Butcher Block Tabletops

These Oak Butcher Block Tabletops were available in Natural and Walnut color. They were generic and we really couldn’t offer anything everyone else was offering (an important part of our model) so we discontinued them.

We may still have a few of these available. Email us to find out…

Reclaimed Douglas Fir Stool

Reclaimed Doug Fir Stool

These were very nice and an absolute hit. However, being bulky and heavy, it really limited the customer base to locals who could come and pick it up so we discontinued it for that reason.

X-Style Table Base

X-Style Table Base

These had a really cool industry style to them but they were welded and finished on-site, meaning they couldn’t be broken down for shipping. They were bulky and shipping was very expensive so we had to discontinue them.

Government Chair

This wasn’t a HUGE seller, although it is very popular. A company claims to be the patent owner of this chair (no such thing) and threatened everyone who competed with them that they would sue them out of business. Their claim is invalid but nobody needs to waste money defending themselves in a frivolous suit from a company that has deep pockets. You can look up who you think this bully is and choose whether to do business with them or not. We donated all of our inventory to the local police and fire departments so they didn’t go to waste.

Rustic Wood Paneling & Siding – 22 SFT/Box – Medium Gray/Light Gray/Brown Gray Mix/Medium Brown