Metal Table Tops

Our galvanized metal table tops offer a rustic alternative to match our reclaimed wood theme and printed metal table tops are also great for outdoors. They work with nearly any style of restaurant and we offer an array of sizes and shapes for you to pick so you get the metal table top that you want.

Why are table tops so important? At your restaurant, the table is where customers will spend the bulk of their time.

When it comes to the material, many people go with metal. Sturdy, versatile, reliable – these are the qualities you can expect in our metal table tops.

When you need metal table tops for indoors or outdoors, with standard or printed designs, in any size you want, call us – Restaurant & Café Supplies Online offers it all!

3 Reasons Restaurant Owners Choose Metal Table Tops

Metal Table Tops Make for A Sturdy Foundation

When customers take a seat in your restaurant, you want to make sure they have everything they need to enjoy their experience. This includes a sturdy table top capable of holding the many dishes and glasses that may come with their orders.

Metal table tops are strong. This makes them a great choice when you need a reliable foundation to support your customers’ dining experiences.

Our Metal Table Tops Are Versatile

We offer metal table tops of all kinds. Are you interested in a standard galvanized model? It may not have a lot of aesthetic flare, but it looks sleek enough to fit in the corner café, the mom-and-pop sandwich shop, and the five-star dining destination alike.

You may also want to get a custom design to show your restaurant’s personality. We provide a variety of designs including custom options to help you promote deals or just send a kind sentiment.

Metal Table Tops Hold Up Over Time

When you’re investing in your restaurant, you’re thinking about the present and the future. Metal tops enjoy a long lifespan, and they’re robust enough to withstand use both indoors and out.

You won’t have to worry about your new tables breaking down on you quickly and needing replacement – they have long lifespans and can provide years of reliable service.