Add Metal Table Tops To Your Restaurant Design

Tables are where your customers will be spending the majority of their time, so give them the proper space they deserve for eating, conversing, and enjoying your establishment by using strong and quality metal table tops. Additionally, metal provides an extremely stable and durable surface that is non-porous and won’t stain with food or drink spills making it ideal for surviving ongoing customer traffic and use.

Moreover, the adaptable look of metal can be integrated effortlessly into any restaurant design scheme ranging from down-home and rustic to the sleek and contemporary look of more modern decors. However, this gives you variety and freedom in how you create your restaurant’s atmosphere and ambiance along with the practical durability that quality metal table tops provide.

Metal allows for the constant impact of cutlery and heavy dishes without the damage that can be accrued by softer table top materials. Moreover, the durability of metal also allows these table tops to survive outdoor elements such as sun and rain which gives you flexibility in where you place them.

However, it also allows for a wider variety of cleaning products to be used on its surface making it easier to maintain a sanitary and germ-free surface. 

Metal Table Tops Sizes and Designs

Our metal table tops are available in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. We offer standard galvanized metal table tops as well as ones that are available with a variety of printed designs. We are also able to customize a metal table top design (with minimum quantities).

Also, this gives you the ability to market or create your own unique vision of ambiance for your restaurant or cafe. Therefore, this freedom can liven up any space with branding or even just provide a friendly message to make your customers feel welcomed. 

As you invest in your business, you want those investments to last. The high-quality of metal ensures that you’ll have these tables for years to come, freeing you up to focus on your customers and not repairing or replacing tables. Moreover, metal table tops give you a resilient and durable alternative to softer materials that are more prone to wear and tear and whose surfaces can more easily become warped and stained by the test of time. 

Therefore, all items shipped promptly from Garland, TX