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A New Year, A New Look

A New Year, A New Look

It’s a new year. Do you need to think about a new look for your restaurant?

Even if you like the decor, there are still a few things that you can modify to make people take notice and give your establishment a fresh look. This can be anything from changing the layout of the tables and chairs to the overall type of furniture that you use in your dining room.

Changing the Layout

Something as simple as changing the layout of your dining room can give your restaurant a whole new look and feel. Think about it.

How long have you employed your current layout?

If all of your tables are lined up vertically, try putting all of the tables on the diagonal. It could help to open up the floor space and literally make it appear as if you have a whole new dining room.

When rearranging, remember to create a new diagram for your restaurant to be used at the host stand, as well. This will ensure that everyone is understands the new layout and their responsibilities.

Talk to your staff to find out what kind of layout they suggest. They are the on the floor everyday and will know what problems your current layout causes.

Just because you have always had the same layout doesn’t mean it isn’t time to change. Your customers have better things to worry about. In most cases, customers get used to a new layout and they even appreciate some change.

Changing the Furniture

Do you currently have round tables? How about some square ones?

You can push them together to accommodate larger parties easier.

Do you currently have more tables than booths? Why not add some booths?

Many restaurants have at least a few booths because it is the preferred seating option for most people.

If you don’t want to change, how about an upgrade?

New tables and chairs can literally make your dining room look like a whole new restaurant.

Wood is extremely durable, and can provide the best value when you are in the market for new restaurant furniture. And as you know, we have plenty of options.