Minimum Order Agreement- Your current order does not meet the minimum order agreement of 4-pieces over 48″ in length but there’s still good news:

  • Minimum Order Agreement- We can still ship your order but it must be shipped on a pallet (too large for FedEx).
  • Pallet orders with less than 4 PCS are difficult to protect. We put protective corners, strap it to the pallet and put warning stickers all over it. But cannot put any additional cushioning/wrap on it. This usually isn’t an issue. But we DO experience around 1% of shipments. That can get damaged by shipping companies due to poor handling or stacking of other items on it, etc.. There’s a 99% chance you will have no issues, which are pretty good odds.
  • Our business model is based on high-volume orders and minimum order agreement and we typically lose money on smaller orders like this. However, we hope you’ll love the product so much and you’ll tell your friends and order from us in the future. Because of this, we cannot afford the time following up on damage claims. It’s a give and take and you have a 99% chance of having no issues.
  • IF any damage occurs on smaller orders, we simply ask the customer to file a claim directly with the carrier and not through us.