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Whether your restaurant offers inside or outside seating or both, Restaurant & Cafe Supplies Online has options for all your seating needs. Our outdoor restaurant furniture includes both tables and chairs for seating in any weather.

We offer a wide variety of metal or wood chairs that will fit the style that you want for your restaurant. We likewise offer a great assortment of wood and metal table tops and bases to seat your customers in outdoor furniture that is comfortable, durable and stylish.

What makes great outdoor restaurant furniture?

There are a number of factors that we consider when selecting furniture to offer to our customers. In this case, durability, resistance to the elements and ease of use are key. The first two are obvious. Clearly, furniture that’s going to live outdoors has to be strong and can’t start deteriorating at the first sign of moisture or sunlight.

We wanted our furniture to be more than that, though. We wanted these pieces to be easy to maneuver and easy to clean. That’s where ease of use comes in. Providing an outdoor seating area for you clientele doesn’t have to be laborious.

Here, we’ve chosen furniture that fits all that criteria and with a little help from customer input, we present our top sellers in the category.

Please peruse Restaurant & Cafe Supplies Online to choose from our pre-made furniture or contact us to have your outdoor restaurant furniture custom-made. Regardless of the style you are looking for, we have what you want.