Galvanized Metal Outdoor Table Tops


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These galvanized metal tabletops are perfect for all-weather outdoor sitting areas. Each table top is wrapped in a heavy-duty galvanized metal to resist rust and make it easy to clean so they look fresh every time a customer is seated. Unlike shiny stainless steel tabletops, these galvanized metal tabletops provide a warm, rustic feeling to your restaurant ambiance and match perfectly with most decor. Each table top is made with a cabinet-grade plywood backing, providing added stability and support and allowing you to easily screw the base right into them.

These are the perfect outdoor table tops! With decorative corner protectors to eliminate sharp edges and a nice felt underside for a VERY smooth surface, these tables are enjoyable for guests and staff.

These table tops are shipped from Garland, Texas.

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Product Description

Our galvanized metal table tops are made with a Cabinet-Grade Plywood backing (so you can screw the base right into them), wrapped in a heavy-duty galvanized metal to resist rust and are about 1.25 Inch thick in total. Mount to bases with:

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These are the perfect outdoor table tops. They have decorative corner protectors so no sharp edges and the underside has a nice felt cover for a VERY smooth surface.

This is a fantastic complement to our reclaimed wood tops, which are used indoors. The galvanized metal protects it from the elements and, unlike a shiny stainless steel, adds a warm rustic feeling to the environment and may patina with age.

Our product is a great value because we make them in quantities of 50-100 per size, allowing us an economy of scale nobody else can match.


NOTE – Because shipping costs are so high, we no longer accept orders quantities less than 4 pieces on anything over 42″ in length. They must ship on a pallet and the cost is VERY HIGH unless shipping in quantities of 6 or more.

These galvanized tops are fantastic for indoor or outdoor signage as well:
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