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Six Reclaimed Wood Gift Ideas

Six Reclaimed Wood Gift Ideas

There is nothing better than a bit of creativity when it comes to gift giving. Electronics are always favorites when it comes to gifts, but putting some actual thought into gifts that are unique like a gift made out of reclaimed will go a long way. The fact that some of these gifts take a bit of work and creativity will definitely make them gifts that your friends or family will remember.

  1. Reclaimed Wood Ornaments –

All it takes is slicing up pieces of reclaimed wood and carving up circles. Then you can decorate them with a smiley snowman face and miniature holiday hats.

2. Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table –

A great gift for one of your friends or family who just recently moved and needs a beautiful coffee table.

3. Reclaimed Wood Jar Holder –

One of the most beautiful gifts you can give. Shaping wood into a rounded rectangle with the ability to hold 3 jars is just marvelous decor for any home. They have the option of using them for holding kitchen utensils, plants or flowers.

4. Reclaimed Wood Letters or Sign –

Shaping reclaimed wood into decorative letters or a sign presenting names, a slogan or a saying will make an awesome gift for your friend or family member to put up on their wall.

5.Reclaimed Wood Phone Dock –

You can also easily make a nice decorative phone dock out of reclaimed wood. That your friend or family member will be sure to enjoy.

6. Reclaimed Wood Couch Arm Shelf –

Very easy to make and will probably be the most thoughtful gift you can give for someone to be able to place drinks and snacks right on their couch arm.