13 Solid Wood Table Top Interior Design Ideas

Designing your restaurant can be a great adventure, but it is a major undertaking that you want to be sure to get right. A great strategy for interior design is to center your concept around one key element or feature that you know you want to stand out in your restaurant. Solid wood table tops made from reclaimed wood make for great design inspirations, as they can work in a variety of design aesthetics and compliment many different elements.

Even with the proper centerpiece, you may find yourself overwhelmed with design options. On Pinterest alone, there are currently over 14 billion home looks, and this category has grown by about 75% since 2017. With so many influences, you need to pare down your options. Take a look through this list of designs that are made to fit with solid wood table tops and pick your favorite designs.

  • Rustic Door Frames

To easily incorporate the rustic theme into your restaurant, you can make the door moldings out of reclaimed wood. Door moldings may be a small detail, but they can make all the difference in a restaurant. They help to define spaces while giving everything a finished appearance. For restaurants with multiple rooms or open floor plans, this definition gives a space necessary structure.

  • Exposed Wood Ceiling Beams

Exposed beams give your ceiling a splash of individuality. They also add an interesting dimension and depth to a room, making it seem taller than it actually it. As far as color and design go, you can contrast the beams with the ceiling color or make it uniformly wooden. With exposed beams, you also have options in size, by either choosing large statement beams, smaller multiple beams, or mid-sized ones.

  • Oversized Support Beams

Rather than having beams line your ceiling, you can install large wooden support beams in your floor plan. The size of these beams ensures that their placement looks intentional and that they can work well for room or space definition. Many restaurants may even need these beams for structural reasons, so incorporating them into the restaurant’s design is a great solution.

  • Contrasting Paint

While wood always compliments wood well, it also looks great with a contrasting painted surface. If you find a color that fits well with your solid wood table tops and the theme of your restaurant, you can use that to play off of your reclaimed elements.

  • Welcoming Seating Area

If your restaurant has a waiting area, you want to be sure that it invites guests to sit back and relax while they wait for their table. This seating area should be comfortable, clean, and still, reflect the theme of your restaurant. To compliment reclaimed wood tables, popular choices for seating include plush and homey couches or chairs, or built-in booths with plenty of padding.

  • Wide Plank Flooring

The floors are just as important as the ceilings, and you can also make them out of complementary wood. The wide planks will give your space an open and inviting feeling while the wood pairs perfectly with your table tops. It can be made of reclaimed wood as well to give your new flooring an aged look.

  • Sleek Cabinets

If there are visible cabinets in your restaurant design, you want to be sure that they fit in well. One solution is to make them out of wood so that they blend in with all of the other design elements. With this option, your guests may not even notice them. Another solution is to make them obvious — but aesthetically pleasing — by using contrasting colors and modern design.

  • Exposed Stone Features

As another natural element, exposed stone works very well with solid wood table tops. You can use an exposed stone to cover an entire wall or create a cascading water feature with the right stones. Exposed brick is another popular option that gives a room a modern look as well as a pop of color.

  • Industrial Piping

For restaurants going for an industrial theme, exposed metal piping always does the trick. This piping has the same effect as exposed wood beams in that. It makes a room seem larger and gives it more dimension. The steel materials give the space a different theme, while the use of solid wood table tops still make the space feel inviting.

  • Built-in Fireplace

To really make your guests feel like they’re at home, you can build a fireplace into one of your walls. A fireplace is a great opportunity to use exposed stone or brick in a way that feels very intuitive. It can also become a great focal point for your restaurant’s design. If you have a waiting area in your restaurant, you can install the fireplace there to give your seating even more comfort.

  • Sliding Wood Doors

Even in a restaurant with a fairly open floor plan. You will still need doors to the kitchen, bathrooms, supply closets, and exits. To fit them in with your reclaimed tables. Consider making them out of reclaimed wood and add metal accents to make them appear almost like barn doors. Install them so that they slide back. And forth rather than open in or out. And you will have another eye-catching feature.

  • Lantern Lighting

Your restaurant’s lighting will make a major difference in its design and comfort. There are many different lighting options that work well with reclaimed wood table tops, so you really won’t be limited. If you’re aiming for an older look, try incorporating lanterns into the interior design. These lanterns could be hanging from the ceiling or placed on table tops.

  • Hanging Vines

To compliment your natural wood table tops, any form of greenery will always work. While putting small potted plants on each table can work well. You can keep them out of the way of your guests by hanging them from the ceilings. Try to get green, leafy plants that don’t hang down too far. This will give your guests the feeling of walking through nature while they enjoy your delicious food.

When you have reclaimed wood table tops, the possibilities for interior design are nearly endless. Find complementary elements that work with your design vision and your restaurant will come together perfectly.

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