3 Ways To Incentivize Better Customer Service at your Restaurant

3 Ways To Incentivize Better Customer Service at your Restaurant

Incentivize Better Customer Service in Restaurant – Do you know a restaurant where you love their products, but hate their customer service? Is their bad customer service one of the reasons you don’t go very often or just avoid the place completely? These restaurants are usually suffering from bad management or aren’t pushing and incentivizing their employees to smile and make every customer’s experience pleasant. When running a restaurant you should be concerned about the operation as a whole and that includes product and service.

If you are having trouble with customer service, here are three ways you can push your employees to incentivize better customer service in restaurant and provide a better experience to your customer.

Name Mentioned on Reviews

When your employee’s name is mentioned on a Yelp review or any sort of customer feedback, you can reward them with a gift card or other type of gift. Making the prize something worth working for, will push every employee to be remembered when serving a customer to incentivize better customer service in restaurant. In fact, employees should feel free to ask for a review with their name on it. This helps with promoting your brand with a more personal touch.

Voting System

At the end of every month, have employees vote for an employee of the month. This should certainly help employees become closer as a team and work better together.

Offer Benefits

A big problem when it comes to non-motivated employees is that they feel undervalued. Providing employees with special perks and benefits such as a discount card or a free gym membership will be sure to make your employees feel more valuable and motivated to provide good customer service.

There are plenty of other ideas you can use depending on the type of establishment you are running. Things such as promotions tied to performance or providing bonuses if the business is doing better than expected are great ways to show appreciation to your employees. And continue to motivate them to provide superb customer service.