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5 Bar Ideas For More Business

5 Bar Ideas For More Business

Bar Ideas – Do you feel like your bar is on a decline? Do you want to attract more business to your bar, especially on slow nights? Running a bar is no simple task, from deciding things such as what type of products are more profitable, how many employees to schedule on the weekend, and making sure everything is up to health code, there is a lot to do.

Believe it or not, there are cool and innovative and best bar ideas to liven things up and boost business besides the usual trivia nights and all night happy hours. Here’s how:

Theme Nights – People love dressing up, and there’s nothing like music to attract more customers to theme nights, such as Disco Night or 90s night.

Special Guest Bartender – Rent a C-list (B-list if possible) celebrity for a night and promote the heck out of it. You’ll be sure to get a good boost in traffic of people wanting to get served by an actor or actress.

Open Mic Night – Although they can be anywhere, not a lot bars do Open Mic Nights and nothing satisfies customers like seeing people either put on a show or make a fool out of themselves.

Monthly Dance Nights – A way of differentiating yourself from other bars is by hosting monthly dance nights. Think salsa or swing dancing, customers both interested and new will be sure to participate.

Student discounts – Want a way to make your bar cooler than attracting a younger crowd? Offering drink and food discounts to local college students will work numbers. And also help drive in traffic, because everyone wants to be hip no matter what age.

When it comes to running a bar, you have to be a bit spontaneous. Take some of these ideas or use them as in inspiration. Once some ideas like these get execute with a bit of promotion and persistence. You will see what works and what doesn’t for your bar.