How to Conduct a Grand Opening For Your Restaurant

The big day is almost here; the day you finally open your restaurant to the public! You’ve been working hard to get everything ready to go, from the kitchen equipment to the rustic furniture to cleaning all the restaurant table tops until they shine. But are you forgetting something? Is your restaurant really ready for the best grand opening possible? Here are a few tips and tricks to make your restaurant’s grand opening memorable and draw in as many customers as possible.

Advertise Appropriately

The most important part of any grand opening for any business is the people, and that’s especially true for a restaurant. Without enough guests, your grand opening is going to be a bit less than grand, and an empty restaurant doesn’t look good for your business whether you’re new or have been in business for years. The only way you’re going to get people in the door for a brand new restaurant is by advertising a lot before the big day rolls around.

Before your grand opening, make sure you have all your materials in place to properly advertise and spread the word about your business. Get your website and social media set up well in advance so people have time to find you. Additionally, make sure your advertising materials feature pictures of your restaurant space. Seeing the space will give people an idea of the type of restaurant you’re opening and make them more likely to walk in the door.

Decorate And Design

When people step into your restaurant for the first time, you want them to be blown away. This is especially true at a grand opening; first impressions are powerful and having a good one can keep customers coming back again and again. The appearance of your restaurant is the first thing your customers will experience at your restaurant, so make sure it’s up to their standards. Pick out your furniture and decor carefully when designing your restaurant; even if you’re going with more rustic furniture, there’s a way to do it that can make your restaurant look nicer than your competition. Rustic table tops and reclaimed wood furniture can give your restaurant that rustic feel while also keeping it classy and impressing customers.

Coupons, Offers, And Promotions

Once you have customers in the door for your restaurant grand opening, you need to keep them coming back. One of the easiest ways to do that is to offer them a financial incentive. People are always looking for ways to spend less money. Consider offering a discount or other promotion to those who attend the grand opening, like a coupon for future use. This will encourage some to come to your grand opening. But more importantly, it will ensure that you have customers coming back after the big day.

Perfecting Personality

One of the most important parts of a grand opening that gets overlooked is that you can use it as an opportunity to appropriately shape your brand and image. This is the first time your customers will be introduced to your business. And what you’ve worked so hard on. So you want to make sure all of that gets communicated to them.

For example, where your customers might just see a reclaimed wood table top and some rustic furniture. You see a commitment to using reclaimed and recycled material. According to National Geographic, roughly 30% of the Earth’s landmass is covered by forests. And you’ve decided that one of the values you want to keep in mind in running your business is maintaining those forests.

Your customer won’t know that right away from your rustic furniture alone unless you find a way to communicate that. But doing so can help solidify your brand’s image as an environmentally-motivated, eco-friendly restaurant.

Conducting the best grand opening possible can be complicate. But doing so is key in ensuring the success of your restaurant into the future. By advertising appropriately, designing well, motivating customers, and telling your story. You can turn your restaurant’s grand opening into the start of a very successful business venture.

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