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[PRE-ORDER] Solid Reclaimed Wood Mantles


Add a little dimension and depth to your decor by adding these gorgeous solid reclaimed wood mantels to the walls of your restaurant or cafe. There are all kinds of additional decoration options when you consider all the items you can add that aren’t able to be attached to a wall. These quality wood mantels provide an attractive and easy way to place items on a shelf or stand that wouldn’t otherwise be easy to add to your ambience and decor.

Our Wairhouse Furniture™ Brand Solid Reclaimed Wood Mantels are a made from natural and authentic reclaimed wood, making each mantle completely unique from the others and are mounted with your own hardware. Because of the differences in the base wood products, you can expect some added character and a classy touch with slight variations in the color and texture of the finished product. These solid reclaimed wood mantels are protected with an attractive water-based matte finish.

These mantles are also designed to fit your space however you need it and come in a ton of different sizing options. Browse and select your required size from the drop-down list below.

Note – Mantels or sold individually… accessories seen in the picture are not included.

This product ships from Garland, Texas.

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NOTE – Items longer than 48″ MUST ship on a pallet. Although shipping damage only occurs around 1% of the time, it typically happens when shipping fewer than 4PCS. We ask that the customer file a claim directly with the carrier on any orders over 48″ in length with less than 4 PCS if damage deos occur.

NOTE – Alterations made to any product voids any warranty that may have been available.

Our product is a great value because we make them in large quantities, allowing us an economy of scale nobody else can match.

Boards can settle or check over time depending on your weather conditions, which is part of the beauty of these reclaimed wood tops. If this happens, there is a quick remedy that you can use to maintain them. Not recommended for outdoor use.

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