Reclaimed Wood Straight Plank Table Tops – Economy


Reclaimed Wood Straight Plank Tabletops – Economy

Our Reclaimed Wood Economy Table Tops are made of mixed-width reclaimed Spruce, Pine and Fir, etc. They are about 1.5 Inch thick with a cabinet-grade plywood backing for stability. They are a natural reclaimed wood product and there will be some variation in color and texture based on the raw material available… product comes with a water-based urethane Satin to Matte finish. Not recommended for outdoor use.

These are nearly identical to our Standard Straight Plank tops but at a slightly better price point. The ends and corners are slightly different than the standard version (the be perfectly honest, many customers think they’re a bit nicer).



Mount to bases with:

10-inch screw not included

NOTEBecause shipping costs are so high, we no longer accept orders quantities less than 4 pieces on anything over 42″ in length (mix of sizes is OK). They must ship on a pallet and the cost is VERY HIGH unless shipping in quantities of 6 or more.

NOTE – Because these are imports, it takes up to 12 weeks to get new inventory if we sell out of a certain size. If we do, the regular Straight Plank version can be available in just a few weeks.

NOTE – Special order sizes or other requests are NOT available in the import tops, unless you can buy a minimum of 100 PCS of any particular size and wait the 12 weeks.

NOTE – Alterations made to any product voids any warranty that may have been available.

For any top over 60″ in length, we recommend a base that gives FULL support, not just a couple of pedestal bases. Longer tops can sag or warp over time so a fully supported base is necessary.

NOTE: These tops are FANTASTIC for Signage as well!

Reclaimed Wood Open Late Sign

Reclaimed Wood Breakfast Served All Day Sign

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Additional information

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