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How to Protect Your Wood Floor for Longevity

How to Protect Your Wood Floor for Longevity

Wood floors, whether they are reclaimed or not, need to be cared for. Too many people spend big money on the wood for their floors, only to not take care of them properly. When you learn to take care of the floors and protect them, they can last a long time and look great every day.

Proper Care

There are a lot of things that you can do in order to protect your wood floor. Some things may be a lot easier than others, so be sure that you take everything into consideration.

    • Stop dirt at the door. You may be surprised by just how much dirt can be tracked in on shoes. A doormat can make a world of indifference. You may also want to ban soccer cleats and high heels on the floors because of the dents they can create.
    • Vacuum regularly. You can choose to vacuum your wood floors, or you can use a microfiber pad. It is also important to clean up any kind of spills immediately, as water and other liquids have the capability of warping the wood beams.
    • Prevent scratches. The smallest things have the ability to scratch up the wood. Furniture legs should be outfitted with felt pads so that the wood is not scraping against the wood floors. If you have pets, you will want to cut their toenails so that they are not scratching the floor as they walk around.
    • Find the right cleaner. It’s a good idea to talk with a flooring professional so that you learn about the best cleaners to use. Some cleaners such as ammonia and oil soaps can cause buildup and make it difficult to refinish the floors later on.
    • Avoid direct sun. Many types of wood will fade when they are in direct sun. What you can do is install window tint so that the UV rays don’t damage your wood floors over time.

Average Life of Floors

Real wood floors, such as those from hardwood and other reclaimed woods can last a lifetime as long as they are well protected. This means following the proper care and also refinishing them every four or five years. Light sanding and a fresh coat of polyurethane can also make a huge impact.

Other flooring, such as what you would get with laminate, need to be carefully cared for because they may only last for five or 10 years, depending upon the thickness of the plank that you choose to install. The thicker the plank, the longer it can last. This means you have the ability for your floors to last for decades. However, if you don’t provide the necessary care, you are going to experience divots and scratches that may not be on a material that you can sand out.

Get & follow the instructions of a flooring professional so you know how to care for the floors. Every type of wood is a little different in terms of how it should clean and how it needs to be refinish.