Why New Restaurants Buy New Furniture

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The Impact of New Restaurant Furniture

When one restaurant closes down, they typically sell everything. This includes all of the kitchen appliances as well as the restaurant furniture. The new restaurants that come in after buying the location may take some of the appliances, but that’s about it. They want to make a new name for themselves and rebrand the place as their own. This means the furniture in the dining room is not going to be kept.

It’s important that you make a new name for yourself within the community. There may be a good reason as to why the last restaurant closed down.  When people walk into the restaurant once you have opened the doors, you don’t want people to recognize the place. You want to show them that your concept is new and different from whatever was there before.

Dining room furniture is a big part of what’s going to make the place look different. This includes changing out such things as:

–            Hostess stand

–            Tables

–            Chairs

–            Booths

Everything should have a new look. Wood is a great material to use and reclaimed wood can be durable, affordable, and decorative. One of the primary benefits to using this kind of wood is that you can go with a more option and not feel bad because it has already been pulled from the forests.

You can think outside the box with the designs for your dining room because you have a clean slate to work with. The wood can be light or dark, and it can also be painted to add a splash of color without having to touch the walls.

The tables can be arranged within the middle of the dining floor or along the walls. It is all dependent on the kind of floor plan you want. You can start from scratch with an empty dining room and then slowly add pieces until it all makes sense.

A hostess stand can be a great way to offer a welcoming environment. It can be the first thing people see and set the tone for the rest of their visit. You will likely want the hostess stand to be in the same material as the rest of the dining room furniture in order to keep your theme consistent throughout.

New Dining Room Furniture

New dining room furniture not only updates the look of the your restaurant, it also reduces the time and money that you’ll need to put into your furniture going forward. Retaining dining room furniture may save you some capital on the front end, but the age and condition of that furniture may increase the maintenance, repair and labor expenses on the back end. The easier solution is to start over again with new furniture with a known estimated useful life.

When opening the doors to a new restaurant, there are plenty of things to worry about without the look and condition of your furniture being one of them. Making a bigger investment at the outset, may save you time, money and stress in the long run. Your dining room furniture sets the tone and style of your restaurant, and it can help set you apart, which is often a key to success.