What Seating Should Be Offered in Your Restaurant?

What Seating Should Be Offered in Your Restaurant?

When you start designing your restaurant, the type of seating that is offered has to be a top consideration. You want to make sure everyone is comfortable and that there is flexibility for larger parties. This means there needs to be some variety within the seating.

Many people go into a restaurant and want a booth. It’s a cozy and comfortable form of seating. When people are comfortable, they will stay longer and (hopefully) spend more money. As the restaurant owner, this is good news.

If you don’t have booths, then you run the risk of losing the people who are die-hard fans of booths. You don’t want people to walk out of the restaurant over seating before they have even had a chance to look at the menu.

Booths are great, and you can get them with a good solid wooden base and a premium vinyl or leather covering. In addition, as time goes on, you can recover the booths so they always look their best.

As much as a large portion of the public enjoys sitting in booths, it’s not the only form of seating that you should offer. People come in all shapes and sizes. Some larger people and pregnant women are not going to be comfortable in a booth. They would prefer a chair. You will also have business professionals who don’t want the informal nature of a booth. This is why tables within your dining room are a must.

A preponderance of booths can also make it more difficult to accommodate large parties. Tables give you more adaptability for handling an influx of couples versus families with children versus large get-togethers with twelve or more people. Tables are easier to move and therefore also allow you to readily make changes to your seating area.

When you can create a good mix of booths and tables, you are able to take care of everyone that comes into the restaurant. You can ensure that your customers will be dining in a comfortable atmosphere, which makes them more likely to stay longer and return sooner. The right mix of seating options also adds versatility to your restaurant.

Every customer that comes through your door has potentially their own idea of what makes a perfect dining experience. Keep that in mind and you’ll be in good steed for making the best decisions when furnishing your restaurant.