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Do It Yourself Wood Decoration Ideas

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Do It Yourself Wood Decoration Ideas

Instead of throwing out old wood, there are actually many great ways to use wood as home decor. Not only will it make your home look great, but it is also very inexpensive when compared to other traditional methods. You can get old wood from old furniture, maybe your neighbor is throwing some out, or a local warehouse. Here are a few ways you can decorate your home with wood decoration ideas to make it look awesome.

Coffee Table

You can use old wood to make a nice coffee table, which is the great wood decoration ideas. You will need two wood pallets and some scraps of wood. First remove boards from the top of the pallets. Then screw the removed boards back on top of the pallets, but side by side so they are right next to each other. Make sure to cut off any excess wood. Make legs with the scraps of wood, and screw them to the bottom of a pallet.

Then comes the easy part, sand and stain and varnish it. Then you can place the top pallet on top of the bottom pallet and you will have an elegant coffee table made from wood.

Wood Headboard

Have any old planks from a barn? You can use those to make a great headboard for your bedroom.  Also, it is the excellent wood decoration ideas. First you sand the headboard and get rid of dirt and splinters. Then clean the headboard with a cleaning brush (do not use water). Then to make sure it is really clean and smooth, use an air compressor to blow all the dirt and dust away completely. Finally, you can coat the headboard with a clear finish spray. You can then place the headboard behind your bed and make your bedroom decor look very lovely.

Wood Ruler

Instead of writing on your walls, you can make a nice big wood ruler to measure the height of your kids as they group up. You can use an old piece of wood fence for this. Choose the finest plank from the wood fence, and take it apart. Clean the wood with soap and water. Then use a pencil to calculate the measurement points across your wood ruler. Then you can use a permanent marker or paint to add numbers and make it look nice. You can use screws with washers to stick it to the wall, and you will have yourself a nice wood ruler for your kids that will look fun and beautiful. This is one of the best wood decoration ideas.