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How Bars and Restaurants Should Use Instagram To Attract More Customers


How Bars and Restaurants Should Use Instagram To Attract More Customers

Using social media to promote your bar or restaurant can be daunting at first, especially with Instagram, where you solely post pictures. It could be as easy as taking pictures of food and drinks, but to compete with competitors using social media in creative ways is a must in order to engage and grow your audience. Here are a few ways bars and restaurants should use instagram to promote themselves.


You’ve seen it being done everyday, whether it is your favorite celebrity or clothing brand. There is always some kind of contest going on which helps create more awareness and gain more followers. Contest ideas revolve around followers taking pictures of something or themselves, for example having followers take a picture of their lunch with a hashtag promoting the restaurant or bar is the norm. Prizes can be a free meal or gift.

Instagram Menu

Having your customers take a picture of their food or drink and hash tagging it with your restaurant or bar name including the word menu is a great way of sharing your menu without really having to do a thing. Eventually, anyone will be able to see your menu on Instagram with a simple hashtag search. To incentivize customers perhaps offer a free drink or dessert.

Unusual Posts

Think planking or the bucket challenge. Promoting contests with followers doing an unusual activity is a great way to build awareness in a more trendy way. People doing the bucket challenge probably didn’t know it was to help raise funds for Lou Gehrig’s Disease, but the concept was awesome so millions did it. If you can think of something good that can catch attention, it has potential to blow up and create way more awareness for your bar or restaurant that you would ever expect.


Behind the scenes posts on Instagram are cool and your followers will love them if they are fans of your bar or restaurant. It, in essence, creates a more personal bond. You can share things such as daily operation and preparation or maybe a special dish or drink. You can also share things that gets your employees involved, such as holiday cookies with their names on them.

The possibilities of promoting your bar or restaurant on Instagram are endless. All it takes is a bit of creativity and determination. Once you figure out the right Instagram formula for your business, you can expect more traffic and customers.