How to Create Restaurant Ambiance Diners Will Love

How to Create Restaurant Ambiance Diners Will Love

There are many reasons why diners return to a restaurant. It goes beyond the food and the service. The ambiance is also important as it allows people to feel comfortable. A restaurant could have the best food and the most amazing service and not see a lot of returning diners because of the ambiance or lack thereof.

The good news is that this is one of the easiest things to fix.

Restaurant Layout

Focus on what people see when they walk in the door. If the restaurant’s layout looks too cluttered, it can be a problem. Ensure there is some space in between tables for people to be able to walk and for people to pull back a chair without hitting another chair. You may have a small floor plan, but you may not want to push in so many tables that it makes it uncomfortable for your diners.


Lighting is important as well. You want diners to see the menu and see what they are eating without inundating them with so many lights that it gives them a headache. This is why you may want to start out with very little overhead lighting and then add additional lighting at the table. This can include a candle in the middle of the table or even hanging lights above the tables.

Wooden Tables

What people sit at and what they sit on are also important. Wooden tables are commonly found because they offer more stability than many metal tables. A well-made table is not going to slide around easily and you won’t have to worry about it wobbling and having to balance it with cocktail napkins.


The décor that you use is also going to help with the ambience. If you hang too much on the walls, it can become cumbersome, lead to a lot of dust, and confuse people with the look you were trying to achieve. Often, a minimalist approach is best.

You may even want to consider asking diners for their input. Find out what they do and don’t like. If enough people say that the chairs are uncomfortable or they don’t like the music, then it’s an item you want to focus on.

Good reviews

Good reviews will show you that the ambience is desirable and people will return. Your goal is to get as many people in the door as possible and then wow them enough with the ambience, the food, and the service so they will return. When you have a great looking dining room that appeals to diners and they are comfortable from the moment they arrive to the moment they pay their check, you are likely to get more repeat business – and that’s good news for your bottom line.