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Technology Hits the Dining Room Tables

Technology Hits the Dining Room Tables

Technology is hitting more and more dining room tables. You can find technology in the form of tablets, social media apps, and more inside of restaurants. If you want to be successful and cater to the millennial and generation Z crowds, some level of technology should be within your restaurant.

Servers are using technology in more ways when they come to the table. Instead of expecting servers to remember orders or write everything down, orders can be taken in person at the table. This allows them to get the order correct and not forget to put it into the system since the guests will be able to see it all go in right at their table.

Depending upon the level of technology that you have in your restaurant, there is more that can be done once the order has gone in electronically. There may be a tablet at the table where guests have the opportunity to order drinks or desserts. They may also be able to pay for their order and swipe their credit card at their convenience as opposed to waiting for a check.

If you don’t want to place tablets on each of your tables, there are other options. Diners can download apps to their smartphones. This will allow them to pull up their order and make the payment, or even split it between multiple people at the table. They can place an order to go while they wait, and this makes it easier for the server.

Making life easier on the server adds benefits. Not only do you eliminate more mistakes, but you also have the opportunity to provide them with more tables. This can allow you to manage the whole dining room with less servers. This saves you money and puts more money in their pockets because more tables generally mean more gratuity.

You don’t have to be one of the restaurants that makes it all about technology. There are simple ways for you to include some new options to your diners, and potentially start off slow. Especially if you have been open for many years, you may not be ready to make too many changes as it can scare off your older clientele.

Add in a social media app where people can interact with your website. Allow them to post photos and reviews on your Facebook page or tweet about their experience. Invite them to join your email club or do something else.

The technology can be in the hands of your employees, your guests, or a combination of the two. There are many benefits to using the technology, and if it allows you to simplify the processes and increase profits, it should be a top consideration.

You simply have to figure out what technology is going to work best for your restaurant. If you scare guests away because of making it too complicated, you have invested in the wrong areas. Understand your clientele first and then decide.