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Six Reasons to Go with Reclaimed Wood

Six Reasons to Go with Reclaimed Wood

When you are furnishing a restaurant, a store, or anything else, there are numerous reasons to go with reclaimed wood. This type of wood has been repurposed in one way or another. It likely came from a building that was torn down and is now being recycled into a table tops, a bar, or even shelves.

Here are six reasons to go with reclaimed wood.

It’s Eco-Friendly

It’s always good to do right by the environment and when you choose reclaimed wood, you are making the eco-friendly choice. It is a sustainable way to use wood within your establishment and you don’t have to worry about contributing to the destruction of forests in the process.

It’s Affordable

You may be surprised to find out how much wooden tables cost. Depending on the type of wood used and the overall thickness, it can be very expensive. However, reclaimed wood is often more affordable because it has already served its original purpose. When you make the decision to recycle and repurpose, you can save money and enhance the look within your establishment considerably.

It’s Unique

It’s always a good idea to add something unique to your restaurant or property. When you use reclaimed wood tables, bar tops, or anything else, you add a great feature – and one that has history. When you can recite the history of the wood and date it back a hundred years or say where it came from, it can be a talking point and make people fall in love with your place that much easier.

It Adds Aesthetics

Reclaimed wood can be absolutely gorgeous. The aged look is something that many people try for with new wood and fall short. The history can be pleasing to the eye and help you to capture a theme within your location easily. The weather look is ideal and it can also get obtain from exotics without feeling guilty about it because it is reclaim. This allows you to use the wood you want to without having to worry about the destruction of natural resources.

Earn LEED Points

When you are building for the purposes of being environmentally friendly, you may be looking to get LEED certify. By using reclaimed wood throughout the interior as well as in the actual construction, you have the ability to earn LEED points, getting you one step closer to certification. Having such a certification is good business and can help to attract more business your way, too.

It’s Durable

Many people don’t realize this, but reclaimed wood is often stronger than other types of wood. The reason is because it’s not virgin and often comes from older trees instead of the first generation ones. As a result, if you purchase a table top, shelf, or something else made from reclaimed wood, it’s likely going to last longer.