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How Durable Is Reclaimed Wood?

How Durable Is Reclaimed Wood?

It is okay to be skeptical about reclaimed wood. After all, you are buying a second-hand product that has been around for maybe more than 50 to 100 years. Although reclaimed wood is in essence “old,” it can actually be more durable than newer wood products. The reason for this comes down to the rise in supply and demand in our economic history.

Reclaimed wood usually comes from old buildings, barns, and other structures that were made out of wood more than 5 decades ago. In this time in history, construction was still relatively new and was done by using old-growth wood. Old-growth wood is wood that had probably been growing for hundreds of years before actually being cut down for production.

Today, it’s like a chicken mill. Wood is harvested in managed forests and is continuously replanted after being cut down. This means that wood being used for construction and production of things such as furniture is actually less dense and strong than reclaimed wood. Newer wood also has high moisture content. Reclaimed wood has lower due to decades of being exposed to temperature and moisture changes.

If you ever seen and felt antique furniture made out of wood you can easily tell of its high degree of stability, which makes it almost impossible for the wood to degrade or break. That can’t be said for newer wood, which can wear and tear easily.

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