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Tools You Need To Work With Reclaimed Wood

Tools You Need To Work With Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood projects are a lot of fun and worth the work you put into them. One of the best things about reclaimed wood is that it’s very durable, so it can last you a very long time and withstand tough weather conditions. Although it’s awesome that reclaimed wood is very durable, this fact can make it very hard to work on and necessary to have certain tools meant for reclaimed wood work.

You’re going to need tools such as a sander, kreg jig, miter saw, reciprocating saw, and drill to create your reclaimed wood projects as efficient and durable as possible.

Below is more information on each tool you will need.


Sanders are an essential for most wood projects. For example, painting walls requires sanding beforehand to eliminate dirt, splinters and all the other junk that can stick to walls over time. Reclaimed wood works the same, and sanders do a great job in removing splinters and fibers.

Kreg Jig

The perfect product for building wood and attaching boards. The Kreg Jig comes with a lifetime warranty, 3 hole drill guide, clamps, glass reinforced nylon body, optimized drilling angles and wood chip relief.

Miter Saw

An absolute necessary tool for any project including reclaimed wood because of its ability to make perfect cuts and angles. Also very safe to use because of its blade guard.

Reciprocating Saw

The reciprocating saw helps eliminate the heavy back work associated with taking nails off pallets and wood, by just cutting them off.


The drill goes without saying for reclaimed wood projects since you are going to need to be putting pieces of wood together.

Once you have these tools you can get started on reclaimed wood projects. For example, here is how you can make a desk from reclaimed wood.

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