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Everything You Need to Know About Aged Lumber

Everything You Need to Know About Aged Lumber

In the United States, wood was historically used as the primary building material because of its strength, durability, abundance, inexpensiveness, and aesthetic advantages. Now, many of the woods that were once found across the country are only available in large quantities through reclamation – Aged Lumber.

Since 1990, there have been more than three trillion board feet of lumber milled across the United States. Reclaimed wood is retrieved from its original application for purposes of subsequent use. The majority of reclaimed lumber comes from timbers and wooden decking from old barns, warehouses, factories, and other wooden structures.

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From its various uses to its environmental benefits, here is everything you need to know about reclaimed wood:

In addition to barns, factories, and warehouses, reclaimed wood can come from high-quality “upcycle” material that is taken from various sources like wine casts, stock farms, retired ships, coal mines, boxcars, and more.

Some salvage wood is pull out of rivers, as well. Divers frequently search United States waterways to find trees that have fallen and washed downstream. The logs are then pull out and mill into aged lumber.

Decorative Purposes:

Reclaimed or antique lumber is use primarily for decorative purposes, along with the residential and commercial building. Some of its uses include siding, cabinetry, flooring, and architectural details. Reclaimed wood round tables, for instance, are popular aged wood products — especially within the restaurant industry.

Additionally, here are some of the main uses for reclaimed lumber: wood beams, old wood decking, flooring, wooden mantels, rustic furniture, feature walls, and so much more.



Protect the Environment:

Reclaimed lumber helps to protect the environment! When wood is reclaimed correctly, it can be a renewable resource that limits the use of environmental hazards to produce new products and fill landfills. Using aged wood actually decreases the demand for newly-harvested wood from trees. Additionally, birds, squirrels, and insects rely on healthy trees; if too many of these trees are fell, these creatures will lose their natural habitats. Using wood that’s been salvage from landfills is an eco-friendly choice; one of the main reasons to select this material for your home or business.

Insulation Benefits:

There are insulation benefits, as well. Conventional wood floors look great… but using wood from an old wooden ship looks fantastic. When you lay reclaimed lumber inside your home or business, thanks to its cellular structure, it can effectively trap air. Because of this, aged wood is a great insulation material and can save you significant amounts of money on monthly energy expenses.

Durable and Strong:

Reclaimed lumber is extremely durable and strong. Furniture items constructed from this material not only look nice but are going to last you a long time. Modern wood is also durable, but it’s not even comparable to aged lumber. Wooden pieces originating from before the 20th century received far less air pollution than the wood of today. Plus, most aged lumber hails from virgin timber the grew for hundreds of years before human interaction.

Although using timber isn’t exactly sustainable, there is still a market for it. If you find some rare, beautiful, and aged wood, you can use it as a nice centerpiece inside your home, office, or restaurant.

Just because something isn’t label as reclaimed lumber or wood, doesn’t mean it’s not (and vice versa). In fact, reclaimed aged wood is sell under a number of names, such as antique lumber, distressed lumber, recovered lumber, upcycled lumber, and more.

Rich History of Reclaimed Lumber :

The reclaimed lumber industry has a rich history. The sector began to grow in the 1980s due to a growing concern for environmental impact. And an overall decline in the quality of newer lumber. In 2003, the Reclaimed Wood Council, a trade association, was form but had to dissolve just five years later due to a lack of participation among the larger aged wood distributors.

Therefore, reclaimed lumber is not only historic, but looks great inside of any home, restaurant, or business. If you want to learn more about reclaimed aged wood or find some quality wood tabletops for restaurants, contact RC Supplies Online right away!


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