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7 Ideas For Designing The Perfect Bar With Reclaimed Wood

Whether you want to give your bar a hip and modern feel, or if you’re looking for something more rustic, there’s one design element that can help you nail your look down: reclaimed wood. Not only is reclaimed wood a great way to keep your space eco-friendly; reclaimed wood can help you make a strong style statement in your bar that has customers talking about you for weeks to come. Here are a few simple ways to integrate this design component into your bar for a space that’s truly unique.

Reclaimed Wood Table Tops

For a look that all your guests will be able to appreciate and enjoy, try integrating reclaimed wood into your bar design by using it for your restaurant table tops. Customers are sure to notice your reclaimed wood here, and it can provide either a rustic look that reminds your customers of dining at home or a chic, fresh look for your modern-style brewery.

Reclaimed Wood Seating

For a way to integrate reclaimed wood that’s a bit more subtle, try making use of this material in your bar stools or other bar seating. You can either use reclaimed wood seating all throughout your dining area, just at the bar for your bar stools or even just as a few accent chairs throughout your dining space.

This is great for a more subtle addition to your space, so if you’re wanting to try out adding reclaimed wood, look to start with seating. Reclaimed wood seating is easy to add as you go, as well. So, if you’re not sure how it will look in your space, pick out a few accent pieces to start, and then slowly add in more until you reach a look you’re happy with.

Natural Wood Bar

For a bar that’s sure to win over even the most choosy of customers, look for a reclaimed wood countertop. There are a few looks that you can achieve with this, depending on your preferred final look for your space. For a more rustic and casual atmosphere, aim to reuse wood planks from old barn siding or even wood pallets that have been properly treated. Comparatively, for a truly unforgettable elegant addition to your bar, look for slabs of wood from fallen trees. These can look visually a bit heavier though, so make sure you balance out the look with other decor additions in your space.

Rustic Wood Siding

Furniture isn’t the only place you can use reclaimed wood in your bar. If you’ve already got your furniture selected but are still wanting to add a bit of a rustic-chic flair to your bar, try adding some reclaimed wood to the walls. Using old barn wood siding as an accent wall is something that’s often done in homes, but there’s no reason you can’t bring this trend into your restaurant or bar space as well. Adding an accent wall like this can create a focal point in a section of your bar, drawing all eyes.

Make sure that you avoid using reclaimed wood siding on too many walls in your bar, however. Unless you’re going for a log cabin feel, using too much wood on the walls of your bar can make it look a bit dated. Keep it as an accent for a rustic, homey feel.

Reclaimed Wood Shelving

Every bar is going to need some sort of shelving to store bottles, glassware, and other items, so why not make it visually interesting? Using reclaimed wood for this can take an otherwise often ignored element of your bar’s design and make it unique. Customers are sure to notice your interesting reclaimed wood shelving and ask about it. It can act as a great conversation starter without being too disruptive to the rest of your bar’s look and feel.

Rustic Wood Wall Art

No restaurant or bar is complete without attention-grabbing art or decor. For a vintage or rustic-chic feel, try adding a bit of art to your walls . That makes use of reclaimed wood. The specific type of art you use will be dependent on the look and feel you’re trying to create in your space. So don’t immediately purchase the first piece of art you find. Look for art that uses reclaimed wood while also still reflecting your sense of style.

Be careful when purchasing art with wood that looks like it’s reclaimed wood. Not all artists source from the same places. What might look like reclaimed wood could actually just be newer wood that the artist has weathered to look older. If possible, check with your local artist or designer and ask about where they source their reclaimed wood from. Knowing the source will be a great conversation starter for customers. While also ensuring that the wood being used in the piece is actually reclaimed.

Unique Accent Pieces

There are plenty of interesting ways to use reclaimed wood in your bar’s decor while still keeping it fairly subtle. Look for decor that integrates reclaimed wood as part of a larger look. Mirrors framed in reclaimed wood, signs for your bar, and more can all integrate reclaimed wood. Incorporating unique pieces to your reclaimed wood furniture such as hairpin table legs can also help make the space more unique.

Just make sure that these pieces match with the rest of your bar’s aesthetic. Especially if you’re making use of design components like reclaimed wood seats or reclaimed wood table tops. Using too many reclaimed wood pieces can start to make your bar look older or worn down. So be selective in where you use smaller accents if you’ve already got plenty of reclaimed wood in your space.

Reclaimed wood can give your bar the finishing touch it needs, if used correctly. Whether you’re going for rustic chic, clean and modern, or a variety of other aesthetics. This unique design component can also create visual interest in otherwise more mundane areas of your bar. So look to incorporate it in at least one space of your overall design. How do you plan to integrate reclaimed wood into your design? Do you plan to use it as a larger design component, or in smaller accent pieces for your bar?

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