The Importance of Choosing a Restaurant Theme

The Importance of Choosing a Restaurant Theme

The furniture that you add to your restaurant is going to determine your overall style. You have likely seen restaurants that have cohesive themes and others that do not. You want to have some kind of theme, even if it is something simple such as being environmentally friendly or using products that are American-made. Should you choose to go with a country or rustic theme, that can be done as well – and it is all possible by choosing the right furniture.

The first thing you have to determine is what theme you want your restaurant to have. If you begin shopping for tables, chairs, hostess stands, shelving and other items without having some kind of cohesive theme in mind, you’re going to have a lot of things you like, but nothing that looks good together.

Start with something you like. For example, a lot of restaurants like the idea of using reclaimed wood, because it’s unique and environmentally-friendly.

Tables and Chairs

Start with tables and chairs and your theme will start to come together. You may choose a rustic theme with charming vintage plates and other décor. You may decide to go with an Americana theme and incorporate the colors of red, white and blue into the walls.

It doesn’t matter what theme you choose, but it does impact the furniture that you buy. For example, if you want a rustic theme, it will be impossible to achieve that look with glass-top tables and stainless steel bases. Such furniture is more for a very modern, clean design.


If you just don’t know what you want your theme to be. Take the time to look through different types of furniture. And decide what you like. You may find a table and chairs that you absolutely love. And that will help to create the theme as a whole. You can start with the furniture or the theme. As long as the two of them are thought of hand in hand.

The style of your restaurant is associated with your brand. People are going to choose your restaurant because of the style. And overall ambience just as much as they are going to choose it because of what’s on the menu.