Four Ways to Give Your Dining Room a Quick Improvement

Your dining room may be showing its age. As diners come into your café or restaurant, they’re going to look around. If they don’t like what they see, they may decide that they don’t want to eat in your establishment. There are a few quick ways to give your dining room a much needed improvement so you can attract more diners and ensure they return.

Get New Chairs
If the chairs throughout your dining room are starting to look old and beat up, it may be time to change them out. This is likely going to be your cheapest route when it comes to replacing a portion of your restaurant furniture, but can make a huge difference.

Paint the Walls
The wall color of your dining room is probably less than fresh. Whether the color was there when you took over the location or your diners have been staring at the same color for 10 years, change it out. A bold color will everyone’s attention. Just be sure it is still conducive to the overall theme and feel inside the restaurant.

Change the Furniture Around
Sometimes all you need is to change the look of the dining room. Shock your regular customers when they come in by having everything rearranged. Forget about the table layout that you have had for years. Move the tables so they are diagonal instead of straight across. Relocate the hostess stand to the other side of the door. If you don’t have a hostess stand, you can purchase a solid wood one to greet people when they come through the door. A little bit of furniture rearranging can make a restaurant feel like a brand new place.

Update the Flooring
Take the time to update the flooring. This can be a very quick improvement. Some dining rooms have carpet and if you look down and see stains, then so are all of your customers. Get rid of the carpet and use wood, tile, vinyl, or even laminate. If you have tile or any of other easily cleanable surfaces, consider updating the flooring with a different color or look. People will notice the moment they walk through the door.