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Making Art From Reclaimed Wood


Making Art From Reclaimed Wood

Besides furniture, hardwood floors, and walls, you can make plenty of other cool stuff with reclaimed wood, like great art pieces. Here are two examples of art you can make for your home.

Wood Address Sign

To make a nice wood address sign for your residence, you will first need a piece of old wood. Clean the wood and add a finish if you’d like. Then, purchase numbers (respectively of your address number) from a warehouse store such as Lowe’s or Home Depot. Nail the letters onto the wood with small tacks. Install a bracket onto a tree. Drill 2 holes onto the piece of wood, so it can be hung from the bracket with metal rings.

Roman Numeral Clock

Cut eight pallet boards, line them up and then place two 1×3 boards on the back of them and screw each pallet board into the 1x3s. To get a perfect circle, tie a string around a screw and stick the screw into the middle of the attached boards. Then tie a piece of chalk to the other end of the string, stretch the string out to its length and trace the circle all the way around the boards. Then cut it out with a jigsaw. The circle should end up around 40 inches in diameter.
Once you have the clock shape you need, you can stain it and paint over the stain with white, leaving a smaller circle in the center unpainted. Let it dry and again trace a circle about 2 inches from the edge with a pencil. Then trace another circle about an inch inside of that circle and trace another one about a centimeter outside of the stained circle in the center of the clock.
In between the two outer circles, draw lines for all the clock minutes using a measuring technique that works. Then paint over the lines with chalk paint. Finally for the roman numbers use a small ruler and draw each number with a pencil. Once they look perfect, paint them in black paint. Once all the paint is dry, you can sand it and rough it. You can then purchase clock hands online.
A roman numeral clock made out of reclaimed wood will look really impressive.