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Reclaimed Wood Gift Ideas

Reclaimed Wood Gift Ideas

Creativity is best, especially when making something and giving it as a gift. Sure, buying someone the latest electronic gadget or sneakers can seem unmatched, but putting in time and work to make something out of reclaimed wood can be a more memorable gift. There is an endless list of things you can make with reclaimed wood, but here are the gift ideas you can make yourself and can give to a family member or friend, and they will cherish it forever.

Reclaimed Wood Coasters

The point of wood coasters is to protect tables and counters from damage, which does happen with water. Reclaimed wood coasters are simple to make.

To make reclaimed wood coasters you can use wood from yard sticks. Cut the wood down to desired size, and then sand it. On one piece of wood, pre-drill the holes where holes will go, and then insert screws with washers. Then screw each yardstick into that wood at a 90 degree angle lined up in a square. Finish off by spraying furniture wax on it.

Reclaimed Wood Wall Bookshelf

Nothing is more elegant and stylish to gift than a reclaimed wood wall bookshelf. You will need reclaimed wood of course, a saw, wood glue, nailer, level, plywood and wood screws. Cut the reclaimed wood into your desired board size. Make a drawer out of the plywood, by nailing them and gluing them together according to the size of the board.

You won’t have to attach this to a wall, since you are gifting it, but make sure to prepare it to be hung.

Reclaimed Wood Picture Frame

Giving pictures as gifts is also touching. Giving pictures in a reclaimed wood picture frame you made yourself will be something your friend or family member will definitely love. Cut the frame pieces, top and bottom the same size, and left and right the same size but longer. Use glue and wood joiners to put the frame pieces together. You can then style it or paint it as you choose and insert the picture you want to gift.