Reclaimed Wood and Galvanized Sign Blanks


Finding the perfect signage to match your decor can sometime be a challenge. But look no further! These reclaimed wood sign blanks with a galvanized steel edge provide the perfect canvas to create attractive, custom signage for your restaurant, cafe, or bar. These wood blanks allow for a variety of options for completing your custom signs, including carving, printing, painting, or drawing you custom message.

Our Reclaimed Wood and Galvanized Metal Sign Blanks are made primarily from mixed-width spruce, pine, fir, etc. or Galvanized Metal. Because the wood sign blanks are made from authentic reclaimed wood, each will be unique with variations in the texture and color depending on the pieces of wood used. The wood is treated with a water-based urethane matte finish to add additional protection and ease of use.

We have several sizes to choose from, please see and select your option from the drop-down list below.

This item ships from Garland, Texas.

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Here are some great videos demonstrating what you can do with our products!

Patina Finish on Galvanized Metal
Patina Finish on Galvanized Metal
Reclaimed Wood Open Late Sign
Reclaimed Wood Breakfast Served All Day Sign
CNC Router Carving Reclaimed Wood Sign
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