Reclaimed Wood Paneling & Siding – 25 SFT/Box (as low as $3/SFT)


Before you can start putting up your decor, pictures, signs, and other items to shape the atmosphere of your cafe or restaurant you have to have the proper backdrop. This reclaimed wood paneling and siding will create the perfect canvas to shape the ambience of your restaurant with a rustic or industrial look. Reclaimed wood-paneled walls provide a modern or rustic, yet cultured look and feel to enhance your diners’ experience.

Our Reclaimed Wood Siding & Paneling slats are made of mixed-width reclaimed Spruce, Pine Fir, etc. The individual slats measure about 1/2″ thick x 3″ and 4″ widths to make up a 7″ layer. 15 layers of random-length board in the 36″ box gives you just over 25 SFT per box. Planks have the natural rustic outside exposed and are planed underneath and straight lined to give you a more uniform surface and square edges to for a simple and clean installation.

This paneling is typically mounted with a nail or staple gun to a wall or glued on. Installs quickly and easily for a great look.

Order now, as these boxes of paneling and siding are one of our best sellers, and you’ll want to reserve as this item often sells out pretty quickly at these prices.We ship this product from Garland, TX.Cowboy hat

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Product Description

Adding Wood Siding to your Restaurant

Utilize wood siding to build an individualized atmosphere for your restaurant, cafe, or bar that helps you stand out from your competition. Reclaimed paneling and wood siding can provide the perfect starting point for showcasing your establishment’s distinctive decor. Whether it serves as a canvas to hang decorations or stands on its own as a planked wall, this paneling is versatile and can give your business an ambiance that can be rustic, industrial, or modern in feel. 

Each individual wood panel is unique in its visual quality giving you the opportunity to decorate as simple or as over the top as you choose. Wood siding is durable in quality which means that you can create a beautiful natural surface for use in any area of your business that will last for many years to come. Choose to incorporate this siding throughout your restaurant or concentrate it all on one accent wall. The creative possibilities for you are endless.  

Types of Wood Siding

Our Reclaimed Wood Siding & Paneling is made of mixed-width reclaimed Spruce, Pine Fir, etc. These types of siding have a natural wood finish on their outer side with siding colors varying in their shades. Reclaimed wood planks are planed flat on the bottom and straight-lined on the edges so they fit together without gaps.This makes for an easy installation process for you. This paneling is able to be easily installed to create the ideal look you want for your restaurant. Installation can be completed quickly by anyone in these ways:

  • Nail Gun
  • Staple Gun
  • Glue 

These paneling and siding planks are packaged in a 36” box. There are 15 layers of planks ranging in random-lengths. This collection of boards measure in at just over 25 SFT per box. 

The individual wood slats measure about 1/2″ thick and come in either 7” or 3″ and 4″ widths to make up a 7″ layer. 

Our selection of Reclaimed Wood Paneling and Siding is low priced making it one of our best sellers. This item often sells out quickly. Order now to ensure your order is reserved.

Paneling installation

We ship this product promptly from Garland, TX.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 38 lbs
Dimensions 37 × 10 × 8 in

Brown, White Wash