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Designing the Perfect Bar: from Reclaimed Wood Tabletops to Seating

You want to open a bar, and you’re ready to start talking about design. Designing a great bar takes talent and knowledge. You want your guests to walk into your bar and be engaged enough to stay for a while. It’s not as easy as it sounds, though. Here are some tips that will help you design the perfect bar for your business and your guests.

Designing Your Bar

Consider your client base:

One of the first things you need to do is consider who your audience is. Will your regular customers be business professionals, tourists, CEOs of major businesses, college students, or someone else? Consider who your client base is and what their needs are; that’s your number one priority. The key is that you’re designing the bar to fit their needs. You should be thinking about the setup of electrical outlets, lighting, seating arrangements, televisions, etc. A successful bar depends on its ability to serve its client’s needs.

You also want to think about the factors that will make you stand out. Rather than trying to position your bar as “the best” of anything, make it “the only” something. Your unique characteristics will help bring in local clientele in addition to visitors and travelers. Being an exclusive or exception allows you to create a more significant impact and opportunity in the market.

Consider your space and functionality:

Measurements of the bar are one of the most important factors when you’re talking about functionality. When your bartenders don’t have enough space to work, the bar itself will lose money. A bad spacial design might end up costing your millions of dollars in revenue in the long run. First, you want roughly three feet between the bottle display and the bar top. That will give your bartenders enough space to grab the bottles and move freely, and they will not have to do any excessive movements to serve drinks quickly and safely.

Multiple register spaces are also important. If bartenders have to share a register, this results in customers additional wait time to process customer bills and bartenders aimlessly standing around. It also makes more sense logistically to have each bartender assigned to their register so you can keep each accountable for money handling.

Consider fixture details:

The details in your bar are just as important as the big picture items. You want to differentiate your bar with specialty design elements, but you don’t want to overwhelm every wall with the decor. Choose a few pieces that stand out to reflect your concept and rely on small details to carry out the rest. Your design focal point is essential, so make these few choices boldly. Then, use lighting to set the tone. If you can’t read the menu without squinting or reaching for your glasses, it’s too dark in your restaurant.

Choose your bar tops wisely:

Finally, when it comes to your bar’s design, you want to make sure you choose the perfect material for your bar top. The bar top is the centerpiece of the design that makes your bar unique. The wrong choice of material, though, can result in disaster, broken glasses, and more. One of your best options for the bar top is reclaimed wood. Keep reading to find out why.  

Why Choose Reclaimed Wood Tabletops For Your Bar

Reclaimed wood is incredibly popular right now. Consumers are using reclaimed wood for a variety of projects, from residential to commercial. If you’re unfamiliar with reclaimed wood, keep reading. We’re about to tell you why it’s such a popular (and practical!) choice.


The Early American period (1640-1700) was the first time distinctive furniture and decorating style appeared in the Americas that did not focus on practicality alone, and this style has been incredibly important ever since. And let’s be honest: reclaimed wood tabletops do look amazing. You can usually spot the difference between reclaimed wood and contemporary products right away. Reclaimed wood is usually recycled from old structures like factories, buildings, etc., and historical structures were typically built with virgin growth timber, which had hundreds of years to grow because it was untouched by man. Plus, reclaimed wood tabletops typically have wider planks than contemporary tabletops, making it more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. They also pair easily with various table legs – even hairpin table legs, which can bring an elegant look to your bar’s appearance.

Environmentally Friendly:

Another great benefit of reclaimed wood is that it’s environmentally friendly. Reclaimed wood recycles old wood from structures that are no longer standing. That means that there is much less waste when an old structure is demolished. It also means that natural resources are preserved when you use reclaimed wood instead of new timber. Additionally, many creatures rely on trees both to live in and feed on. Birds leave nests while insects feed on bark. If we keep cutting down those trees for new wood instead of using reclaimed wood, these creatures’ lifestyles will be damaged significantly.


Not only are reclaimed wood tabletops beautiful and environmentally friendly, but they’re also incredibly durable. Most pieces of reclaimed wood existed for hundreds of years before it was repurposed. That means that it had hundreds of years to expand and contract due to exposure to changes in temperature in humidity. It was also exposed to other natural elements in that time, including wind and water. That means that by the time it gets reused, it’s in its final state. The reclaimed wood won’t dry out and warp anymore, and it’s much less likely to split compared to newer timber.


Finally, reclaimed wood requires very little maintenance. All you have to do is wipe the tabletops with a soft cloth and warm water every day. You can also use mild cleaners when necessary. Spills should be clean up quickly. As long as the surface is correctly sealed and cleaned, it will last an incredibly long time.

Your bar needs reclaimed tabletops, and we have what you need. Make sure you create an amazing concept for your bar and let us take care of the rest. Just remember that reclaimed wood is the best choice for your bar top, as well as the other tabletops in your restaurant, and it can last you a lifetime.

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