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Amazing Benefits of Reclaimed Wood for Restaurant Owners and Environment

Reclaimed wood is incredibly popular right now, in both residential and commercial settings. Not only does it look great, but it also offers some amazing benefits too.

Some of the Amazing Benefits of Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is high-quality “upcycled” wood that has been taken from old barns, factories, retired ships, wine casks, warehouses, stock farms, and more. At some point, structures constructed from virgin wood, or old growth lumber, are removed or demolished. As you can imagine, this demolition leaves a lot of waste behind. Unfortunately, some people see wood as part of that “waste.” But we know better. The wood gathered from these sites is reclaimed, hence the name — reclaimed wood. It has a lot more character than you think! Here are just some of the many benefits of this beautiful type of wood.

It’s Wider than New Timber

If you look at a newly built house and an older home that both have hardwood floors, you’ll notice that the older home probably has wider floor planks than the newer one. Because old wood is stronger than newer wood, the option exists to create full planks. Wood floors in modern homes are typically made from trees that haven’t been allowed to reach their full size. Immature trees mean weaker wood, which translates to thinner planks.

It’s Durable

Old wood is exposed to many changes in humidity over long periods of time. That means it’s already been contracting and expanding for what could be decades, making it more dimensionally stable than new wood. It also may have been through many different extreme weather changes, so it can handle everyday wear and tear significantly better than newly-harvested wood can.

It Looks Amazing

Most reclaimed wood is sourced from fully mature trees. Since they were allowed to grow for a much longer time, you’ll find more distinctive features in their rings. There will also be knots and other unique markings that give the reclaimed wood siding, table tops, etc., more character and charm. Not to mention markings from the wood’s first use — even nails and old varnishes can give reclaimed wood more personality than new wood.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

One of the most significant benefits of reclaimed wood is that it’s environmentally friendly. Using reclaimed wood decreases the need for newly-harvested wood from forests. This prevents a lot of the deforestation that’s been going on over the last decade or so. Roughly 2.7 million tons of wood pallets were recycled in 2015 alone, and all of that reclaimed wood is being used for reclaimed wood siding, table tops, and more.

Reclaimed Wood Is Environmentally Friendly: Here’s How

Reclaimed wood offers a number of fantastic benefits, and arguably one of the best is that it’s better for the environment then newer wood. The section above only briefly covered its environmental benefits. Here is a more in-depth explanation of reclaimed wood’s environmental impact.

Reclaimed Wood Preserves Natural Resources

Reclaimed wood tables, table tops, paneling, siding, etc., are eco-friendly because they preserve our natural timber resources for future use. The growing popularity of reclaimed wood has led to a decline in the need for new wood, meaning our current standing forests are safe from cultivation for many more years to come. Trees currently standing in forests around the world have more time to grow and provide our planet with much more than just wood to build houses with.

Reclaimed Wood Creates Less Waste

The lumber used in reclaimed wood tables and other types of furniture comes from existing structures. Repurposing this wood for future use reduces the amount of wood that gets thrown away. Wood makes up somewhere between 20% to 30% of construction and demolition waste. Often, the wood that comes from other structures is exceptionally durable and has many years of use left in it. In addition, it’s likely already been treated for residential or commercial use. The lumber industry is then using fewer chemicals that can leach into the soil and water.

The Rustic Look Uses Fewer Paints and Stains

Reclaimed wood is incredibly rustic, and that sense of style is also growing in popularity in recent years. Since reclaimed wood is typically raw and gives off an antique aesthetic, there is no need to use paints, stains, or other chemicals to refine the reclaimed wood. The reduction of chemical usage greatly benefits the environment when it comes to sustainability.

Reclaimed wood offers wider planks, it’s strong and durable, and it looks great. Plus, reclaimed wood helps preserve natural resources, it produces less waste, and it puts fewer chemicals into the ecosystem. Reclaimed wood makes an excellent aesthetic addition to any home or retail location. If you’re looking for some gorgeous, environmentally friendly reclaimed wood tables, check out our inventory today!

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