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Restaurant Design Tips For Modern Classic-Inspired Look

Reclaimed Wood Tabletop with Metal Edge

Restaurant Design Tips For A Modern Classic-Inspired Look

Restaurant Design Tips – The restaurant business has always been competitive. Besides serving good food and customer service, good design can also help your restaurant stand out. A classic but modern look will get customers to visit a place just for its decor and ambiance. Having both a good looking restaurant and great food give your restaurant an edge over a lot of competitors.

Wood decor and vintage furniture and accessories is starting to become a big hit when it comes to restaurant decor and ambience. Whether you are thinking of remodeling your restaurant completely or adding/replacing a few decor essentials here and there, here are a few design tips that should help.

Shop For Salvaged Stuff

Today’s restaurants offer many visual features to their patrons, and sometimes those features are simple things that just look vintage. When shopping for salvaged stuff, you can use the Internet to browse inventories and select objects that best suit you. You can find cool things such as old furniture and wood doors. If you can’t really decide, try to visit a salvage yard when it gets a new shipment- that’s when their inventory is in its prime.

Be Creative

A salvage yard could look like a yard full of garbage, but if you take the time to look around you will be sure to find some gems. If you’re scratching your head wondering what could you possibly pick up, you could look for the oldest doorknobs you can find and make them into actual doorknobs in your restaurant or use them as wall hangers for flowers or light fixtures. Guests will notice those small touches.
Also, mason jars are very trendy. If you are able to find mason jars you can, with a bit of art, make them into flower vases, which will make beautiful table decor for all the tables in the restaurant.
Any old furniture wood you find can also be used to make all types of things for your restaurant that will help give your restaurant that classic look.
It is not hard to add touches of classic and modern to your restaurant. Things like succulents are also great to incorporate into your restaurant, especially around wood decor.
All it takes is a bit of imagination and creativity to give your restaurant a different and better look than ever.