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Bars Made Out Of Reclaimed Wood

Bars Made Out Of Reclaimed Wood

There are many awesome bars made out of reclaimed wood in both businesses and homes. Not only is the idea behind using reclaimed wood for bars great for the environment, but the finished product will always leave guests mesmerized. Here are a few ideas of how you can create bars out of reclaimed wood:

Bar Counter

You can make a counter out of old reclaimed wood pallets. This is done by creating a box shape with four pallets and putting a flat surface of wood on top. You can then place the boxes in a C-shape or L-shape and you will have nice little bar.

Mobile Outdoor Bar

This one is very simple to make for your patio or backyard. Again, all you need is reclaimed wood pallets. You make two sides out of the reclaimed wood pallets and leave a nice rectangle opening in the middle, where you can place stools on top of a wood surface. Beneath the wood surface, you can add wheels so it is easy to move when needed.

Beach Bar

A beach bar will be a little tougher to make. This one will need old shipping pallets, seven to be exact. All pallets will need to be disassemble. Then work on making a frame for the floor. Once the floor is ready, you can begin to make and add walls, and the counter. To make it a bit more authentic, a wine glass rack in bar made out of reclaimed wood would be nice, along with shelves in the background for the bottles of liquor and drinks. Add light fixtures and plants for decoration.

There are other of plenty ways to make bar counters with wood. Depending on your needs, you can do many designs, including a tiki bar, a squared-shaped cocktail bar or even a simple two-stool bar for your patio.

A bar made out of reclaimed wood will give your restaurant or home a more unique look than ever before.