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Restaurant Seating and Your Guests

Restaurant Seating Choices

There are all sorts of seating that you can incorporate into your establishment. This includes benches, booths, chairs, and stools. Each type of seating invites a different type of person into your establishment. You will want to choose the right seating options to invite the right clientele.

Restaurant Benches

Benches are like the picnic benches that you see in parks as well as many communal eating halls. You may have these at individual tables or at large center tables where anyone can take a seat. These can be ideal for people who enjoy socializing, though the quiet types are likely to leave and find someplace different to eat.

Restaurant Booths

Booths are one of the most popular forms of seating when it comes to restaurants. They are often padded, but they don’t have to be. It provides back support and allows for people to sit close to each other. They are kid friendly because kids can sit up on their knees to reach the table and that can eliminate the need for booster seats on many occasions. They also offer a modicum of privacy.

Restaurant  Seating Chairs

There are a few types of chairs, including those with and without backs as well as with and without arms. If you don’t offer one with a back or without any cushion, you may not be able to get many retired individuals as they enjoy a little extra cushion due to bad backs. You may also have a problem with young kids if you have chairs without backs as they don’t have any kind of support to just sit there. The benefit of a chair is that you can move them around to create the dining room as you desire.

Restaurant Stools

Stools can be found in many areas of a restaurant or bar as well. These tend to be found in the bar, but there are also “high tops” that feature stools as well. You can find them with a back, but traditionally, there is no back. These generally take kids out of the equation as parents don’t want to risk putting their little one higher than absolutely necessary. A better cushion on the stool can also invite people to stay longer.

Now that you know about the various types of seating, you can go in search of the best wooden options. Reclaimed wood can liven up your options and provide you with an eco-friendly material. You may even choose to add a few different types of seating to make sure you can make everyone comfortable when they enter to take a seat at your restaurant or bar.

It’s best to define your demographic and then explore the types of seating that is available. Not everyone is going to enjoy every seat and people have been known to leave a restaurant if they don’t like the seating options that are presented to them. If you want your establishment to be a success, the types of chairs and seating that you offer absolutely matters.